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Hey there cutie. I have also been messing with code and css for some time now, using some free javascripts ever so often. My site is targeted around my electric guitar stuff and I got incitied to try other forms of languages. Although my internet site doesn’t support PHP and MySQL at the moment, I might move it to some server that I would like, but it should support CGI scripting plus Perl. I don’t know anything about the two (CGI and also Perl) and choose to know more, and actually choose to know about a dib with all the different languages, but My business is a little confused on how you can see what each language typically offer me.

For instance, I know that will HTML and CSS utilized to create the specific look of coursesmart and how things are outlined.

Javscript I know works extremely well for calendars, but have no idea of of much some other uses.

PHP and MySQL I know make great forums and guestbooks as well as user-specified information.

I want to use other languages that might be capable to be applied to be able to my site. Let me host some audio streaming and download there too, but I’m consequently confused with languages because no person has really be capable of lay it straight down for something that can be used in sites everywhere apart from the books’ examples of " hello world" and other basics that could possibly get you there.

I have no idea of much about XML and XHTML as well as DHTML, if anyone could mind explaining in my opinion. Also, what may be the ASP. NET along with stuff like that

Thanks for bothering reading.


DHTML stands for dynamic hypertext markup words. This is just some html/css/javascript mixed directly into do fancy material basiclly.

XHTML stands for extensible hypertext markup terminology, which is changing html.

JavaScript can be a client side scripting language (code executes upon users machine). JavaScript is superb for alerting the user, validating forms, routing, not quite endless but there exists alot of purposes.

PHP can be server side (executes upon server). PHP can be great for giving mail, adding/editing/deleting/reading by databases.

For way more in-depth stuff proceed http: //w3schools. com

Thanks with the link!

Had I recognised I probably wouldn’t also have to post. Grazie!

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