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Thanks a lot in advance to your time and any assistance you could provide.

A bit background info: I be employed by a metro Boston area public school system to be a member of the four person technologies department supporting a ridiculous amount of computers/users for brussels. I have recently been given the endeavor to redesign the leading website for your school system containing technology that is definitely above par in comparison to the most on the school systems inside MA; although I would assume a lot of the student’s home Computers aren’t as superior.

My goal is usually to create a website that may be basically an informative directory to produce an basic breakdown of each school inside the city and links to the pre-existing websites for each school. It has been requested that MY SPOUSE AND I use MS FrontPage to style the site as a few school facilitators, who are intermediate-level laptop users, will need to be able to update some info on the webpage. I have created one or two websites using FrontPage some three years back in college that were decent which designed basic animation, but have not done much layout beyond that. I do select things up very quickly and plan on looking to implement Cascading Model Sheets as I’ve heard good things about the design type. I need a niche site that will fill quick and even on new plus old computers.

I figured it would be a good plan to ask advice from some professionals before I move out and waste time making dumb mistakes next time i could have merely asked.

So here’s some ideas I’m thinking related to, I would truly thanks if you could please allow me to know any guidelines or recommendations you will know that could help give a simple, smart, efficient, or effective option:

YOU. I need to help design/provide a risk-free area where teacher/administrators can upload newsletters, documents, etc that could be downloaded by students and parents in your house.

COUPLE OF. I need to help design/provide a calendar that shows PTO birthdays, etc (a most important system-wide calendar andf the other for each seperate school) that can be updated by administrators and school principals from your home… Is this something which is hard to design Used to do see another classes that had calendars that will started with world wide web. calmerge. com of which looked good, and i’m wondering the item if was outsourced… as I’m working for arrest schools if it was before a service, I would need to find something which is free or near it… are there almost any easy templates and also solutions for something like this

THREE OR MORE. I would like to display a rolling marquee that demonstrates important announcements just like school snow day closings around the main index web page, but I don’t want to buy to take permanently to load on the computer that will be 200MHz with 64Mb with RAM connected spanning a 56K telephone brand… is this possible

FOUR. I would choose to put a faded picture of a number of the schools integrated in the background behind that text… I am pretty good with photoshop, but what are the best way for making the image fill quickest… is there some sort of preferred file arrangement I should conserve the picture within before I aim to incorporate it to the page

SOME. I plan upon learning and planning using CSS, do you propose this design method Need to use FrontPage and also have heard you will find there’s way to modify its code to produce pages load quicker… does anyone have any expertise in this

Properly, that’s it… appears pretty easy, right (yeah, right! ) Thanks intended for lasting this far through my ramblings… any ideas you’ll be able to provide, I would honestly greatly thanks.

Thanks a lot… very much.

Delighted Holidays!

— Dave

Hi there Dave, looks like you’ve quite a complex website that you need built. What programming languages are you aware PHP, Java, ASP How I see it you gonna probably design the idea in PHP with mySQL for the reason that DB and Apache because server. why you might ask They just about all free.

For Frontpage… If you happen to be forced to then you have no decision, but if you will find there’s glimmer of expect change, DO THE IDEA!

For others updating coursesmart, if the web site was designed fully dynamic, then they might never have to *edit* the website, only update as well as modify the subject material…

Yes.. CSS could be the most accessable, swiftest loading, future helpful design method.. You’ll be able to create truly beautiful sites using it.. I recommend you decide to go to www. w3schools. com and proceed through the CSS course there.. It doesn’t get that long in fact it is very useful..

The picture on the school behind the text needs to be a gif.. Unless you wish to vectorize it you can save it like a png which would load faster, also , you could give it a fascinating look that approach…

The vast majority of functionality you listed can be easilly achieved implementing premade scripts from www. hotscripts. com.. You must be sure you’re server has PHP/MYSQL generally.. You could also try a text-file for which stuff.. The PHP/MYSQL method makes the teachers won’t need to be advanced web-designers to edit products..

I’ll browse around for a fine, free calandar script in your case..

Wish this helps


I’d seek out pre-existing CMS (Content Direction System) kits, as loads of them already do the many functionality that you need. You also wouldn’t have got to use Front Web page, as 99% of most modifications concerning information over a CMS can be changed inside web based admin section.

Look into http: //www. opensourcecms. com

I personally would never agree to creating and preserving a
site where some had the permission going in and help to make changes.
Ever rather have them grant you changes to help make, or would
an individual rather spend five times more work in fixing this damaged
HTML or broken backlinks they create

Feel free to use a management methods where others might log-in
on the web page plus make changes to your paragraph… like the
reports item. Maybe they would also be able to add a website to
a list that YOU dispense.

Nobody except yourself will be able to actually enter the
web space and change files on the site.

Like other posts the following… don’t use MS FrontPage in the event you have
any say inside matter. Offer a web-based management system where
registered users (like the teachers administration people) can
log-in and alter documents that YOU on your own administer.

Discover CSS, PHP/MySQL…

It sounds like there i

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