Microsoft enters the design market!

Men and women have always said it will eventually happen one of these brilliant days, well… it did.

Microsoft have announced its new graphics iphone app called Acrylic.

http: //www. microsoft. com/products/expression/

Take a look. I have had an exceptionally very quick engage in, and it’s not that bad. It’s only within beta so get it and see what you think.

REPLACE: Read http: //www. bd4d. com/blog/p=50 for those more info plus an opinion coming from a good designer who has given it the test run already.

I doubt it provides a large impact on the design area. There are strategy to many *die-hard* Adobe fans around to compete having.

Exactly… Photoshop rules the structure world, just much like the Playstation. When the XBOX became available, the PS2 profits were still double that of XBOX LIVE. Acrylic will not become near when popular as Illustrator has ever been.

Could they oftentimes make an interface any longer ugly

Yes. I think they will have plenty of changes before the idea hits the stores but I think it provides more of an effect on the industry then consumers are anticipating. It’s Microsoft in the end and it some people didn’t think it was a good market to obtain, they wouldn’t take the time.

Maybe it wont take over the likes involving Photoshop, but I still think it will eventually appeal to a multitude of people. And maybe in quite a while, the younger designers getting into the industry will start to use it and be created to it from first age. I doubt that old faithfuls shall be bothered much.

Let’s give Microsoft the chance to prove per se before we have on into any conclusion. And besides competition is good we the final users are always in the advantage. Think concerning this guys!

Certainly.. the long awaited update to MS paint!! Guess Ill take a look and see what it provides.

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