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Concerning a question related to HTML and databases. My work put uses windows 2000 host with IIS as their web machine configuration (with Frontpage Node extensions). I want every single child query and display something from your database. However, ASP is disable but not available due that will security. Is there anyhow to interact dynamically which includes a database without ASP or almost every other server-side language As an example, I use Frontpage 2002 and there exists a database connection and also wizard. However, I read in a book that if you use the wizard, it’s important to have the web site as a HA. asp’ page. Though the web server have disable ASP, and I dont really discover how to, or if you can even, get query results with the database. Please help me if you.

You is definately able to access a server-side database until you have some server-side scripting, whether it is ASP or a thing else. It can be done to give admission to databases remotely using network calls (eg. Oracle SQL*Net and also MySQL remote admin) nevertheless anybody who was as worried about security as a person’s work place could well be unlikely to amenable that particular opportunity.

I am confused that explain why you are inquiring this question — the very best asked by your employers to build something If therefore, you’re just about to have to tell them that you need to be able to deploy ASP scripts to accomplish it. And as long as they say no, it’s not your mistake.

If databases was that easy to get into remotely then there will be no security, might there


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