As soon as someone says MODERN LOOK what can they really mean
(if you can share a couple URLs I’d appreciate it)

I believe others will (and should ) help to increase this, but within my book, today’s looks is your white background, slim lines, sans serif fonts (very important), fresh and uncluttered, with lots of space. Notice i always said nothing related to colours, because I believe this varies an excess of.

Expect this helps.

I always think about a modern website as a modern house. Modern, if you will probably. Clean, non-cluttered. Perhaps light colors. Pastel colors.

I am sick of scanlines, incidentally. They seem being cliche now. You might have a " modern" glimpse without them. Maybe I shouldn’t be talking though simply because my site is known for a background grid…

Or simply " modern" is often a site that doesn’t seem like it was created in 1998.

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