multiple CSS Style Sheets question…

Hi all! So My business is trying to combine this jCarousel script in to my webpage made by this site: http: //sorgalla. com/projects/jcarousel/
I started together with my existing site after which followed the instructions on the site above and almost everything went smooth.
Now I need to center the particular Carousel on this page (along by using other tweaks), but I have 4 CSS Style sheets linked to my page, 3 advisors pertain directly into the carousel (as welcomed in the download file in the website above), and the one for my page which i started with.
(I am utilizing DW CS4 because My business is a noob )
I have attached my Source Code for my page to the post.
To prevent it . question – the particular Javascript variable that pulls within the photos…
var mycarousel_itemList =
traffic: " http: //static. stumbleupon. com/66/199481236_dc98b5abb3_s. jpg", subject: " Flower1",

Just how do i change the hyperlinks below it to help pull photos by my images folder, insteads of from your Flickr website

Providing the images folder reaches the same level because the html file this link would be
traffic: " images/picName. jpg", subject: " title".
For the other, I am very tired tonight to pick out through your program code. You will have got to look through many of the CSS files pertaining to < divs> or other elements declared within the script and style them that way.
Go to W3Schools and learn the proper way of coding XHTML and CSS. Just because Dreamweaver makes it simplallows you doesn’t mean it will it right. Dreamweaver inputs a lot of unnecessary code which only serves to add to the file width.

Sorry with that. Being new, I’m uncertain which questions are generally simple and which usually ones are hectic. With there being multiple style linens attached, does any one too over rule the opposite – like normally the one on top over rules though others, or are all of them equal where the source value is concerned
Can you bring all those meals together in a Master Style sheet Is always that even what I’d might like to do.

If these are all linked < url href=" style. css" rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" /> in that case no, they all develop the same importance. When you have some that are linked and some that are inside (in the travel of html file), then the internal styles will be more important. If, The almighty forbid, you have inline models (where styles are declared within the HTML), that is most critical. See W3Schools CSS tut, it really just might help you. You can certainly combine all your stylesheets into one particular. and whether as well as not your wish to is mostly around you. Now, when you have several pages, and the carousel is one on, then it is likely you don’t want that will put those in a person’s " master" stylesheet.

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