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we have done a small research into and in every am not truly that impressed. perhaps i dont know it enough however if someone these has an opinion or reason behind like or angst lets here them

The reason its catching in so well is because it highlights what online was ment pertaining to, accessing information rapidly. You can check out rss threads quickly instead of having to waves to each site one at a time and wade via pages or media threads.. Its all in one spot and all in an uncomplicated to recognize formatting. It makes getting information on-line very quick plus efficient.

I don’t see the use in it client-side, it’s just bothersome if you ask me.

Nonetheless… for taking head lines from other sites, I think it is just a supurb idea. By way of example, you can get ALA’s current articles listed in your site if you want without having to do anything about the idea, same goes with regard to top news storeis, slashdot, for example. That, I consider, it the accurate beauty of them.

Agree by using Brak, it’s good for including buttons to content out of one site upon another.

By way of example: on my neighborhood Linux User Group page i always built we are using RSS to display modern news on Linux, using a feed from on the list of larger Linux announcement sites… keeps the subject material fresh and helps it be look like it can be being updated constantly and therefore keeps attracting visitiors.


ps. notice also this " prototype" website… which, without the Feed in, would have absolutely no content at just about all!! http: //www. seanmiller. net/glastonbury/

It is also good for checking out news across your current favourite sites with out opening your cell phone browser (using Trillian or anything else etc).

Yes, like the program Feed Demon this can be useful. You can check all your favorite website’s news in the desktop.
I love it.

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