non-visible page load

can certainly anybody gimme your snippet of computer code to load a webpage although not display it. likewise, something hidden thus when people take a look at the source they will dont see it (after under-going server and browser).


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I dont think this really is even possiable.. More than likely there might be methods to get it to load and not display anything but that it is fair to be some type of client side action that may still contain the source to create it dissapear. I dont think you have access to a server to help send you a webpage without giving it…

Maybe when you consider something being a server side type handling document, but it’s not actually loaded onto your machine, that’s all I can see..

if its a part of php wont that be hidden

try something such as this:
< td onLoad=" MM_preloadImages(‘youpicture. jpg’)" > & nbsp; < /td>

unsure if it works, but that’s exactly how dreamweaver handles preloading photographs. Is " onLoad" opertation at all It’s actually not included in dreamweaver… merely a guess. search google if aging work.

you can look at to disable proper clicking or anything. But if the actual browser can read it, so can whoever wishes to see your value.

Simply never load a web site.

You choose nothing to show up. Nothing to be in the source. No web page.

Ultimately the completed user’s PC Needs to see the value to display it. If the PC can see it, so can the completed user.

well im just endeavoring to beat the targeted traffic builder systems. essentially add my outwar connection without them realizing its being full. if they know they will reject the internet page.

any other thoughts.

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