Suppressing the bots…

Do not hit me over the head if that is killingly simple (or in the event I’ve chosen an unacceptable section of that forums again: lifeless but –

What makes one stop search engine optimization bots from running and indexing some sort of page that’s only up for test out purposes

(I have done a search in this and similar questions inside forums and wouldn’t find any threads that seemed to fit).



I learned about it once just before. Something to accomplish with " trading program. txt" google it and it also will tell you how you can go about the item.
Basically I do think the bot can read that file and inside the file you say to the bots what not to index. Don’t hold me to the, this is what There’s no doubt that I can keep in mind.

http: //www. robotstxt. org/wc/exclusion. html

That will virtually explain everything required to know, My own Darling English Went up.

Yeah, do you really good internet site.

You’re a wonderful resource, Game, let alone my knight in shining polyester…: thumbsup:

And my thanks also to Daniel O.: basic:

WHEN I shall check of which out and study lots, I’m certain.

It’s poly now. My new ex-girlfriend is influencing my sense of form (you know… finished slob. ).

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