Photoshop Vs. PSP

Ok Concerning heard about the amount better Photoshop is actually than Paint Shop Pro, and Concerning always asked the key reason why Recently I found that for you, PSP doesn’t possess a Mac version, but since begining to learn photoshop I is able to see that maybe many of the photo manipulations and effects can be superior, but there are alot of elements that my tutorial book are expressing are new with all the CS version which PSP has have on thier outdated version for A COUPLE OF years now, how can illustrator be better once they are just now catching onto what PSP is offering long now Anyone who seem to fluently knows both programs and may agree or disagree What don’t you think

Professional designers almost certainly don’t need whichever PSP had pertaining to 2 years this Photoshop recently obtained make the same effect within their work.

At any rate, they both own their advantages andf the other really isn’t superior to the other. Not what you were going to hear, but it’s the truth. You might get the same thing outside of both.

I figured one wasn’t greater than the other, it was mostly just the prefrence thing, I guess I’ll find out, I am going to take graphic design that will be taught by using photoshop (my education uses mac too). I just opt for PSP cuz these have all the little shortcuts I like (which is probably also only a PC thing) and I know how to do everything inside…..

From individual experience, I’d say of which PS is easily greater than PSP. Just a lot more of a mastering curve..

Certainly Photoshop is means better.. Much much more Layers options plus Channels and Driveways and walkways.. Like mega explained, the learning contour is much even larger.. And it’s of great benefit.. Also, the fact that it is the actual industry standard goes along way.. It’s much better touse what is normally used..

Think about Fireworks I have got both Photoshop and also Fireworks, but locate photoshop quiet the steep learning necessities.

I use fireworks for all of my visuals, and I imagine its pretty cool! Any Comments

fireworks/ps could be a great combo : fw is good standalone in addition, but id advise knowing photoshop around fireworks.

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