Using links instead of includes?

Hello there, I’ve been doing web design for a small amount now but possess never really experienced any training or anything inside, so here’s precisely what I’m wondering. If you’re looking for the super-quick version you can skip to the past paragraph.

Concerning a site that has many domains, but every one of them is slightly different so it isn’t a referral type thing. Think of it like a car website needed instance, coolcars. com. Following that, I would likewise own the domain names for coolfordcars. com, coolchevycars. com, and many others. Each of these pages could well be slightly different (geared when it comes to that specific car), so it’s not a matter of these all referring for the same place.

Thus, now I have 100 or so domains like this. Each of them uses the identical template for diverse content. But things like the footer, the top end image bar, and many others. are all the same.

Thus, the index. php file for every domain has your call to

include " footer. html" 

Now, I merely found the downside to this. I had to change the footer, so I had research into my file transfer protocol program, open the folder for that coolfordcars domain along with upload the footer. web coding file into presently there, then go returning, open the coolchevycards space and upload the actual footer. html report into there, and many others. And I might need to do this 100 times and lastly it’s slow because you’re navigating lookup directories that are on line.

Thus, here’s my query I guess.

Might it be poor practice to, besides just doing the actual include " footer. html", simply to link to the actual footer file

Would something such as include " http: //www. whatevermydomainis. com/footer. html" can the trick

Thanks before hand.

Yep, that’d work okay.

Ok, may well work, but would it be bad practice

I’d be doing this for likely SEVERAL seperate things on every single 100 or and so pages, so that’s a lot if this isn’t something that is done. Is it gonna slow down the loading with the page at all or anything

It is going to only slow along the loading belonging to the page if this remote server (one that you’re linking to) is actually slow. As long while you’re just parsing HTML files (and certainly not scripts) you’re all set.

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