Become a web designer?

Hi, i’am new right here.

I’m joshlee. I love to design website, so currently i have learn quite couple of knowledge related program. Those are code, javascript, flash, illustrator, fireworks, illustrator so far. But i felt that somehow it is still not enough, maybe Please can certainly someone guide, show or record out in my opinion what more i should know or maybe learn.

Thought about want to become a fantastic web designer! so i wish to know whenever possible for anything which i should know well.

thanks a whole lot for everyone!

There may be more to the idea than learning the programs to perform it in. I’d personally suggest that as you say you own learnt HTML, I would go onto learning CSS as that is fast becoming a great way to code pages.

From there it is likely that you have got to learn a development lanugage combination, often PHP/MySQL or ASP/MS SQL. I would recommend the former while it is more acquireable.

This thread is seen as a good resource that you should read through and understand much more possibly

Hopefully this helps somewhat.

Making websites is just not rocket science. It is just about the few professions where you can honestly get started off for free(legaly) sufficient reason for very little knowedge. Developing a websites does not necessarily require photoshop, thumb, javascript or almost every other piece of financial software. But for reasons uknown people are more then prepared pay alot of money with this software that is not going to make them any kind of better any sooner. If you know HTML you realize enough to develop websites.

AMAZING, thanks for your thread, is very useful, it really wind up in the point but while in the other hand i’m getting progressively more confusing like XML, PHP, CSS, ASP or what you explained PHP/MySQL, ASP/MSSQL. Is it possible to basically describe if you ask me whats that most of use for. Everything seems too new if you ask me but i know they need been exit for years, sorry to assist you to feel like I’m that sorts of stupid!

after this i believe i will get a lot lots of study guide book for those you mention early on.: devious: example your website (www. peachpit. com) generally there also got the particular book of PHP!
adhere to this: Topic> Programming& Scripting> PHP/…. which one is more preferable I like this url because i had took a training course where they are using one of many book from right here.

Are there any suggestion on where i’ll buy a examine guide that capable to guide me via basic to advance, because selecting the suitable book is very important.

gives thanks lot.

Usually there are some basic catagories involving web technologies. Markups, type sheets, server side scripting, client side scripting and databases languages(SQL).

  • Markups are such thinggs as HTML, XML, XHTML, and so on.
  • CSS will be the virtually the exclusively style sheet language until you count XSL*.
  • PHP, ASP, CFM, and so on., are some host Side scripting ‘languages’. In other words and phrases the server is definitely resposiable for processing and the outcome is spit to the browser.
  • Javascript is certainly one of a client facet scripting language. As opposed, A client facet scritping language does each one of its processing using your laptop.
  • MySQL MSSQL tend to be some databases equipment models that share a common database language referred to as SQL. But there are actually differences how just about every interperate it.

*XSL is basicly the XML document that is definitely ment for a certain purpose.

I reccomend which you learn XHTML and also CSS first. Then as soon as you are comfortable using that move on a server part scripting language such as PHP and familerize yourself which has a SQL as you get comfortable with your database type of choice. I personally like postgreSQL to its added featuers including triggers, but MySQL can do perfectly as it is just about the fastest databases all-around. As you cane easily see webdesign can acquire quite complicated. But it does not have to be there are numerous levels to webdesign. But if you would like get into the harder advanced topics just like serverside scripting in addition to database handling, I reccomend which you start by building a strong base with XHTML and progress up from there in a comfortable pace. Just like it incredibly easier to wind some sort of ball of yarn starting from the end then it is to try to start at the center. Trying to jump right at the center can actually cause you more problems because you try to kind concepts and ideas which have been not even nessessary at this time.

I did saw some of my friend using dreamweaver to style their website and many of them said that it can be faster easier and save a lot of time where they may done a complicated website in one hours but i can do it in halfday, so i will not feel good with that, i’m more prone to write out almost every html pure code on notepade to style my website. my own question is:

1) A few pointer continue using ordinary methods to design website or even i should follow the technology which available nowsaday

i need your comment, gives thanks!

I would carry on as you are… Dreamweaver is one of the best WYSIWYG editors, but it remains to be likely to mix them up with the matter if you are serious about mastering HTML etc…. the fact is that there isn’t a such thing as WYSIWYG on the subject of the web, as there are actually so many browsers available. The only way to ensure that what you want them to view is what they see is to code your internet pages with these issues as their intended purpose, not to believe that because Dreamweaver claims your page looks right it really is!



WHEN I design my site using nootebook this using LCD display, it is fine, pretty and the idea look what i truly want. BUT, although once i see it on my own CRT monitor, this look too large, all the copy with picture additionally become larger compared to what I expected so i believe, if it genuinely upload on web, it will be super slow where relating to extreamly huge pictur, Dilemma is:

1) What resolution a few pointer use next moment the 800×600 or even 1024×768 most keep an eye on now already inside 1024×768 layout
2) If i buy 800×600 then as soon as view using 1024×768 will it be too small untill complicated to read
3) A few pointer continue use portable computer with LCD or desktop pc with CRT to design which one

Gives thanks.

What may be the screen resolution within your desktop connected into the CRT, and your

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