Please help me improve the looks on this future website…

Hello all!

Firstly, I must say that i am somewhat brand-new to graphic design. I said ‘somewhat’ because Relating to done enough sites but this town (and all others from now on) I plan to be completely original (not manufactured from a template).

Make sure you feel free to help address me virtually any critique, advices, comments just like you see fit. This company works in naval layout and naval tools manufacture. Please please remember this is the particular scaled down version (from 1024 because of 600 pixels around width).

Make sure you comment especially at:
– colour scheme (I will conduct it more ‘lightened’)
– layout (I understand that my layout will be pretty basic so this is the reason I’m asking an individual for help)
– some other think it’s worth considering

Picture url:
Alternatively create a savings fund attached image.

Thanks a ton!

Kindest regards!

A full dimensions and/or working type would help alot more than a thumbnail.

Rather then using ‘Some text to top off this content space’ generate your page duplicate from http: //www. lipsum. com/

I need ideas of about the qualifications just yet, it’s too much to see using the black on deep blue blue, and getting so small.

You can actually add some more continuity by looking into making your footer bar identical shade(s) of yellow/brown as your header rather then the alternate hue of blue, that you choose to only ever view the once.

Did you begin putting anything on the left side, there’s an entire column of space not getting used. Lastly, it would help should you included the company’s name within the header some exactly where.

Good factors above. A larger image will be helpful. The brown border is usually a little too thick IMO. Also, the black outline while in the background of the text is really a little distracting.


Thanks a ton very much. I reatach this image at entire size without changes (except for the text).

Will it be too much for you to ask to re-analyze it

Something else: please really feel free to advise any changes, irrespective of how drastic they’re just. I am these for suggestions.

Thanks a ton both for your comments!


Put a complete working copy from the site online. I are able to evaluate it in that case.


Very well, the site can look 99% like the last image fastened (the 90K one). Come on , man after I reach a final appear, I slice the item and put them into HTML. However at this time the image is very far from what I would like to get.

Thanks a ton!


I’m not necessarily picky. I’ll evaluate a tad for you. It is also way too dark. for a small business site. The colors entire are pretty muddy in the process. The header has the opinion separated. The logo along with the image are not necessarily joined. Many company’s I’ve dealt with prefer having their particular logo and header image joined together. I’ll show you spinning program so well soon once the website for company I’m handling is completed. I wouldn’t create a savings fund Stencil font to the page titles. All round, I agree that there are a lot of work to try and do before this template begins to take a look professional. Please don’t believe I’m trying to be able to demean your expertise. I can see that you’ve done preceding good work. That is the Work in development. Most work happening images and designs appear like crap until they get critiqued.


Thank you very much to your helpful comments. We have no reason to get upset – easily were thinking this is right, I would have not come here to begin with (and it might have been quite a new mistake). Your comments seem affordable but I’ll solution them tomorrow early morning (it’s way exceeded midnight here, so… ).

Thank you again!

Once you can show me that site you are speaking of, please do so!

Best regards!

I don’t believe the ‘stencil’ font is definitely entirely misfounded; if you ask me it’s reminiscent associated with bolts, rivets, metal paneling and various engineering/architecture that will be found on great naval ships etc. It would come up with a nice choice if implimented in any graphical header. For any sake of it posting website you’re better employing a normal screen font for your sub-headings i. e verdana/arial etc.

That layout has the following very akward looking alignment problem. Although your page message is dead middle of the town, the two likely yellow stripes re-define in addition to offset the focal point of the web site. It is like saying that the first third with the page is unimportant. Draw up a new basic grid system to see methods to best arrange in addition to align areas.

What’s with the company logo, is it simply a temp place card owner graphic

If I imagine anything else I’ll be sure to add more responses.


I am really sorry for your huge delay but I had to migrate my customers to a new Germany based server and it also took awhile. Now I am back to layout.

I have done partially a different design (not that we am ready to be able to abandon the other) that’s not yet completed (first of all I have to add a footer). Would you comment on this

Graphic URL

All advises (especially excellent ones…: nervous: ) tend to be much appreciated.

Best regards!

Hello Trico!

Thanks on your comments. Sorry to express thanks so the later part of. As you is able to see in the photograph urled above this logo was merely a placeholder (in the most recent one I have place the real one).

I realize that this alignement was embarrassed but probably this is what happens when a new beginner tries to generate something mildly first.

Have you any idea any scheme, proper way of doing things when creating a site’s look, guide on-line Things like center point, layout color combining, etc

Many thanks!

Best regards!

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