Mark-up or Design, which comes first?

MY PARTNER AND I thought think this is certainly quite an exciting question to ask web developers. Which of most of these two comes first in the design process
Some individuals may start about the composition and turn out by working on the code, other may take one other route. Start about the code, creating a bone like structure for the webpage and then consume by adding graphics

Which can you use and why On earth do you feel there tend to be any benefits through doing either

For a straight HTML web site, I start with all the graphics in Photoshop. I find that it is hard to start coding a web site when I dont know what it’s going to look like.

If I’m coding in PHP however, MY SPOUSE AND I usually develop the actual PHP first, and build the design around the elements I want (text boxes, control keys, etc).

I voted pertaining to design but again We’ve tried my hand in a bit of both. Sometimes I am going to just play all-around with CSS and try and make it while visually pleasing that they can with no shots, then add a couple of. But most of times I do this old skool put in writing and pad, then go on it to photoshop after which it consider how I can turn my photoshop image proper tabless design by using just CSS.

I anticipate seeing other clients’ processes aswell.
Many thanks Spluff.

Depends what We are trying to accomplish. Most of plenty of time, I start a project having a mental idea with the interface. If its something with PHP, I code the PHP can certainly say I know I can modify later for you to accomodate the interaface (so computer code first). If I just want to re-design my web page, I play around which includes a template, coding the idea as I visit along – simultaneous developing and coding.

I’m of an engineering mind, so I use the functionality of any site. I think that the functionality of any site is what people come to the idea for, so the design of a site is finished around it. A niche site can look good however is not do anything, which might be ok, yet I lean to functionality.

I exercise in three development: Outline of the site (pseudo code) in Word, printed off plus stared at protected mockup is done in Photoshop, and the site stems following that.

Design, generally.

I work a lot like TheGAME for any site I have everything for and have the time.

First, decide on IA plus usability issues belonging to the site. What pages do you want the user to venture to In what get What page in particular are you interested in them to find yourself at (money page). Decide what sort of site should become structured around that will information.

After that comes a mockup as well as two in Photoshop. Then I sit down there and consider the most efficient means of slicing the photos up (fewest, yet best compressed method). After Relating to the images, I figure out how to put it right layout

Style. The markup could be perfect, but if the design sucks then men and women won’t visit the site – unless you are already Jakob Nielsen.

Style first. But that doesn’t imply creating graphics. That means I need some sort of layout or image skeleton drawn utilizing boxes, this is likewise called information style. This is just about all done in photoshop. I also develop a gutter on the side where I write out basic layout guidelines, among others, that will form my css styles i can copy about into my manager. I then create a watch pleasing design on the inside my ‘boxes’. Relating to enclosed two example screenshots on this..

That skeleton will basicly dictate my markup along with the css that will structuer as well as. After I have that completed, I make use of the design image I completed since the ‘road map’ in order to complete the site.

OBSERVE: I agree along with Wired, although a vision pleasing site ought to be a priority, a niche site needs to operate correctly. No amount of design will compensate for just a broken or non functional website.

I do believe that design will need to come first, because mark-up doesn’t really include the PHP, and plenty of people are thinking that will by mark-up, PERFORM means " programming". This is certainly just the HTML bones of any layout, and later adding graphics or even functionality. Or, they are asking if you would rather make a new design in illustrator first or other form and in that case mark it in place. We are speaking design here, not necessarily functionality.

Pleasant CSS there Alright, now that We’ve read that, you’re not talking about markup as in structure, but when just basic rule, correct In that case, structure earliest, yes. While working on ZE SECRET VENTURE (Don’t ask) I have been previously working non-stop about the functionality, as the site is HIGHLY info supported, so the structure of it is often constructed by the information and the functionality from the data itself. Only during the past week has your visual part happen to be started (not through me, I suck in that stuff), and for that reason far, it’s independent from the data.

Excellent posts guys. Appears like everyone has similar means of going about the idea. I always get from photoshop. They plan this slicing so i can use as fewer images as you can and still receive the same or comparable look with just a few basic images and a few CSS. This planning can on occasion be hard work when this is a complicated design but usually it truly is all achieved simply enough.

Comparable to Brak but I don’t enter quite as much detail as MY SPOUSE AND I perhaps should. I don’t definitely look much into things such as IA. But We are learning as My organization is going along and have picked up some great methods from these posts. I have read alot about IA and may need to start thinking about it in a tad bit more detail for the sites.

Please keep these types of good posts coming or feel free to add any of the last posts.

What is IA

Info Architecture… basically, should you could think involving outlining a speach having roman numerals, etc. That, but with web pages (which obviously brings an entire other level of complexity for the matter).

An effective way to describe it truly is by example. If you enter a web-site, you want to be aware of information x. How will you will find it Are you drinking under services It is own section This must be instinctive.

For instance, if you are seeking a pair involving camping sandles and you also are faced with all the following categories: Meant for Apparel, Womens Clothings, Shoes, Camping Machines. Your product falls into them all, but where can it belong. Shoes is a most intuitive choose there.

Gotcha. Tiered structures. Heh, been doing a ton of that for this pr

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