Single Click download button or link ??


We’ve just created this first website but developing a problem… please help!!!!
we’ve on my website mp3 files established by myself and also there
if you are to download, as it stands currently is you right visit the link along with select ‘Save Concentrate on As’ but what i want is to use a single click option that brings way up the ‘Save file’ dialog box as we have also created a button to play the file within the default mp3 player around the browsers pc.
Now i am using Dreamweaver MX Model 6.
How to create a individual click download control key or link

Generally speaking, browsers will download anything they don’t understand how to handle internally. I don’t *think* there’s how to pop up that save as dialog proverbial box; the only way can be to make sure that the MIME type can be something the browser doesn’t know about (application/unknown or something could possibly do the trick), making sure that it will immediately pop it up.

However, I’m also confused how to make it happen. It would possibly involve. htaccess documents, however.

Thanks significantly Shadowfiend,

confused that i would like to go down this path though
i’d have in order to advise people what to do with the file (renaming back
to mp3) want to make it easier for people to download
rather then explaining ‘click right here to listen’ in order to download ‘right click on and save target as’ etc just want a simple button to listen closely and another regarding download.
currently if i just click the link this opens the page to play in quicktime in the browser… if that is sensible
however thanks once again

Very well, the point of changing the MIME type could be to do it with out changing the track extension. Then, once it gets to the computer, since the extension is the identical, they’d be able to use it likewise. That’s why I said you’d probably have to develop. htaccess file. But it’s some thing I don’t understand how to do anyway, so I never blame you for not wanting to try it.

yeah i realize nothing about MIME to tell the truth let alone. htaccess documents… lol i’m a total begginer at website development… thanks anyway though

Im also finding the same problems, you’d click a file plus it will download it (but ie will not tell you) and then play it in house!

Tonight after i get in i shall play around about it more…

Hello Silent Bob
is much appreciated in case you find a solution and today i want to know
does yours play while in the IE browser having quicktime

if anyone wishes to check my website out by the way to see what i mean then go to be able to www. e-x-p. co. uk and have a look at the Music area.

Ok, a quick Google tells me this might have the desired effect:

Result in a. htaccess file while in the directory where you have your mp3 records, and add this line to the item:

AddType application/octet-stream. cd

If will not work, try application/unknown or just unknown.

As outlined by your response headers, that you’re using Apache, making sure that should work. There is a possibility that ones webhost has handicapped htaccess files, then again. In that situation, you should likely contact them to see if you possibly could reenable it.


Thanks a lot, am really sorry basically seem dumb in this article, like i reported i’m a newbie to such a stuff,
how to add a. htaccess file do you find it a txt doc with that exact string inside or do i can rename parts of their string to the file names
I tried search engines -ing it but don’t understand… lol


bless you

It’s effectively a text file, yes, except rather then naming it filename. txt’, anyone name it. htaccess’.

Thanks for the help mate, attempt this when i get in

Yep thanks significantly for your assistance.
Although i did try this previous but unfortunately that didn’t work
whether ?t had been me doing the item wrong.
i created a txt doc and called them ‘. htaccess’ with all the text you supplied earlier and also looked it in place via google.
saved it while in the relavent folder using the files in.
but it surely did nothing.: (

try the cause folder where the actual page is

It worked here new, ie downloads the files in a very new window then opens and works them, the. htaccess is in the root folder as well as mp3s are inside a diffrent one

Make certain that your webhost supports the application of. htaccess files. You’ll probably have to talk with tech support to determine.

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