Site wont delete from web

Hi guys I truly need some help accomplishing this, I have was able it before but on this occasion it doesn’t appear to work.

We have updated my site to a flash site – its happening but looks excellent.

I want to delete the present site from the net, I have selected many of the files from that remote folder and also deleted them which can be fine in dreamweaver yet they still show next time i type in your url in firefox

Any ideas, am WE missing something

many thanks the bloomonkey

Hm. Which is odd. Can we view the URI It’s possible you’re just seeing the cached version within Firefox or a thing.

hi other half, thanks for having back, The site I’d like to see to keep will be
world wide web. bloomonkeygraphics. com/index. htm
it should appear without the /index. htm but will not I keep getting the old site once i visit this link www. bloomonkeygraphics. com
I called fast host (my web host) and they also say its fine with them and must possibly be a cache issue but every pc I try even one that hasn’t visited our site before nonetheless displays my old site. They said it’ll disappear in time frame but thats not just a good enough answer personally.

what do you reckon

many thanks the bloomonkey

Yes, I see a similar site in together cases. Your Firefox in all probability just has it cached which is being silly with regards to re-fetching it. Try clearing the cache.

truly, thats weird, nonetheless still good lol, so how do you clear the cache at firefox
Am at the job just so now in order that it wont let me check out the internet options.

many thanks again

that bloomonkey

Tools-> Distinct Private Data… should grant you the option.

magic thanks mate

No problem.

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