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i need a little bit of dreamweaver help in this article… i’m trying to be able to align links for example " close window" in addition to " next page" towards bottom of a fresh browser window. the window is created from the script pertaining to " open fresh browser window", and it is just a specific size. i just need the links to stay in the very same place (bottom with window) with each and every new window in which pops up. we have no friggin’ vision, and ANY help would be great. thank you…

btw, here is the site i’m focusing on, and the windows open once you click on the buttons that are within the iframe… http: //www. spireintegrated. com/

good.. i don’t find the links on your site that you might have having trouble by using (so, i’m betting you havn’t published that part yet) Anyhow, if you position the links in a table which is in pixels instead of percent, it won’t maneuver.. and that should help your difficulty.

ooooh! i didn’t know the images could select to *sorry*

right now i see.. i would try setting the specified height towards table above that. Then, it shouldn’t maneuver.

if not they, maybe someone offers another alternative.

Tristessa… thank you for the extremely quick reply. i kinda attempted the table stuff out a little… and i just can’t obtain table to align towards bottom of this window. also, the browser eyeport was just a great open html file i always linked to the window. there tend to be no tables in there currently… so i’m thinkin’ that idea of setting it up like this may work. i’m curious to learn if there’s a code that would undertake it. thx again…

because of the popup windows tend to be fixed size.. you can try out the iframe. The would deffinatly keep it where you desire.

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