Erm…A ltiile help here?

A certain amount of a continuation in the navigation thread I started…… Well basically can easily anyone tell my home how I change where the bar appears And the way to stop it happening forever

It really is here: http: //www. crabhand. company. uk/help. htm

I basically want to buy to either be in the table or ensure it is centered and similar width of the table…..

Many thanks!!!: nervous:

Hmm, I don’t believe I quite comply with…

But first thing that really is not clean code. Because you said you don’t know anything about coding Consider the good dismiss that however.

So far as I can tell, the nav bar is precisely the same width as the actual table now (600 one thing px), and it appears to be centered too.

One thing you might do is consider this block of code:

border: px;
foam: 9em;
text-align: left
place: absolute

To begin with, the margin is not defined. So either rise out completely, set it to 0px, or set it into a other number for a liking. Second, I believe you can take out the ‘text-align: still left; ‘ since all your content will be in the table. Third, wherever it says ‘position: absolute’, alter it to ‘position: comparable; ‘ And make sure you will find there’s semi-colon after that like in the example!

I think what you would like is the 1px place inbetween each link to the menu bar. If this can be so, what I might do is generate the menu in photoshop the method that you want it to check with the tavern line separating the particular links. Then I would create a picture map.

Well the bar is often a cell in your table, marked by just a div.

Howsomeever, the nav doesn’t appear whatsoever in Opera. You’ll should look during this in numerous browsers on various platforms.

One easy way to begin this is to create a table with nonetheless many cells you need. Color the background of each one cell gray, facility the text within each cell, and cellpad finished . using white on your border color.

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