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Please select that you just think will be the best name pertaining to my website from the ones in poll.

In order to know the products i provide please consider my other submit.

http: //www. webdesignforums. net/starting_out_120/need_help_with_site_name_18518. html

Also my web site the know is situated here, it a certain amount of a mess the now.

http: //www. voluntaryitsolutions. company. uk

im liking strata comm for some reason.

howdy there,

i prefer shorter names, names that give a company its personality and simultaneously describe the company’s purpose in certain clever, but noticeable way.

don’t know what " IT" represents….
" static solutions"! why static the designs don’t change think about " dynamic solutions" or maybe " digital solutions"

i prefer the word " solutions", dislike " comm" whatsoever. " strata" is actually unique and appears to be interesting—

i figure you either have to have a dull wash name that just describes what you choose to do……
or take on a name that’s as unique like a person’s, and doesn’t automatically state the nature of one’s business.

maybe create a keyword that does depend on your function, such as " solutions" and then tweak it in something original…. " solvent", " solute", " dylution" (dynamic + solution),

essentially, i can identify that you’ve already tried this distinct reasoning, but the frankenstein half-words crammed together don’t rather sound right… hmmmmm…..

i believe you should just choose the single word/name, " stratum" or maybe " solvent" or maybe " namic"…. or maybe " catpin"

if you’re not inspired, then keep it thoroughly clean and simple…. " VaBITS" sounds just fine.

this probably didn’t really help you at all, remorseful….. for me naming takes quite a while and shouldn’t possibly be rushed because i feel that the appoint should encompass and also accurately represent the complete company in summary.


Definitely averan, i had tried using going what you’ve suggested only to locate that many with my ideas that i invented where already consumed, so for could not use them.

Your own info and guidance is much loved though

Definitely People,

As possible see from your pool above concerning got a bit of problem in that this is the draw, i need your help to make it easier for me to choose my own new name in order to see what everyone else thinks.

Your help shall be appreciated.

if you like them both why dont you simply take a probability and toss your coin…. why not necessarily.. its not just like anyone can justify much why one name provides multiple advances over the other… imo its just the method that you first read this and how this sounds and provided that you give the basic idea about what you choose to do in your 7steps… i dont think it could matter which one.. having said that we will reverse my personal decision about strata comm and also put my vote with web illusions.

Acceptable, I’m getting your " server possibly not found" on your web blog, which sounds short lived, but nonetheless, I’m undecided what it is you’re looking to name. But, influenced by what the selections are, I’ve still thrown a vote and now I’ll explain:

Static Answers… No way. That connotations are non-changing, absolutely no up with technology, or electrically charged in the discomforting way.

I dislike abbreviations at almost all really, so, through my personal inclination I’ve eliminated both equally Comm ideas.

VABITS may work. But right until you’re established, will people remember that

Net Illusions is what I voted intended for, but quite legitimately, I don’t enjoy it that much possibly, I just think it’s superior to your others. Illusion is not necessarily real, like a hallucination, and the idea gives a strong connotation, but possibly not the promise connected with quality output. It really is just an movie.

Maybe .

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