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What software do you use?

.. for all your current web design+related Here is me Software: Dreamweaver MX Flash MX Photoshop 7 ImageReady 6 (occasional) Illustrator 10 (when We need vectors that PS7 aren’t able to do) TopStyle ONLY TWO. 5 IIS5 intended for hosting with ASP & Access, and ASP. INTERNET eventually .. I do believe I’m on the deep side of advanced. Here’s me Software: Dreamweaver Photoshop 7 ImageReady 6 (occasional) Apache Internet Server Editplus (PHP coding) MICROSOFT Visual Studio (JS/VBScripting) and the like that I didn’t remember to credit… DW4 PS7/IR Flash 5 (rarely) Apache ONE. 3. 24 (which We need to upgrade tonight)/MySQL/PHP Filbs it is advisable to get Dreamweaver MX…. they have some PHP support. -C PS7 DWMX Flash MX Fireworks MX (rarely, and limited to importing images to help Flash) UltraEdit (w00t! ) Selection: VS6 VS. Net UltraEdit (w00t! ) Relating to it, but I found it to become annoying than beneficial. It almost isn’t going to follow normal IDE standards … that’s because you’re accustomed to Microsoft’s IDE’s appear and feel. Many vendors copy that appear and feel, which is why requires some getting accustomed to. Believe it as well as not, it gets lots easier if you … Continue reading

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photoshop and webdesign

I am an advanced consumer of photoshop7, nonetheless have little practical knowledge with webdesign, and still have created a website design, which is due to psd format right this moment, i wish for you to turn this image file into a site and had been wondering what would be your best way to touch this. I get tryed image mapping within imageready, but can’t figure out how to get the inbound links to load in the frame. Whenever post click them, they load a fresh ei page. Any information on this it would help considerably, thanks. I rise you’re not phong regarding phong. com. http: //www. phong. com/index. php not a chance, but anson vogt is often a huge inspiration and teacher if you ask me. http: //www. tutorialfind. com/tutorials/adobe/imageready/ try these. here’s all you’ve got to do. Within photoshop 7, you will find there’s slice tool. Press F1 (help) and search for " slicing" the basics: by dividing up your image/layout with the slice tool, photoshop will set up individual images along with populate a table along in it. It’s neat give it a try. LOL… for any minute I thought you’re iphong LOL Used to do too until … Continue reading

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Web design books and magazines?

Hi everyone! I was asking yourself if any regarding you all own some recommendations for top web design publications or magazines around Preferrably both. I am a experineced print designer thinking of getting into 3D along with web work and choose to know how for making effective/creative websites. I have all the main design tools like Photoshop 7, InDesign, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Thumb MX, Cinema 4D, Soon after Effects, etc. My business is currently working on a book that is actually teaching me coding ‘languages’, but it is often a bit dry. A more interesting book which may teach me this coding side of things can be useful. But mostly My business is looking for great books on how to make a creative along with enticing website that communicates my information clearly w/o too many great features. I want to generate a cool internet site, but not the one that is more seems to be than content. Any recommendations can be most helpful! Gives thanks, Bonnie Allowed Attractive people around right here like books simply by Sams Publishing: www. sams. com I have not read a single so I cannot investigate them. I possess however read any ‘for dummies’ … Continue reading

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Fireworks or Photoshop

Relating to recently purchased Fireworks MX 2004 and i in addition have Photoshop 7 i have no idea of which program to work with to design my site what is the right would you advise I choose Photoshop for designing websites. It’s extra powerful and has additional features, but the downside is that it’s harder to discover ways to use. However, once you discover ways to use it, you’ll find it’s first rate. Ditto in every point. Definitely Photoshop since you’ll it, but for newcomers Photoshop has a hefty price tag so similar to GIMP or comparable cheap or free products will perform. (Just not MICROSOFT Paint ) Li Brad yes, For realz create a savings fund photoshop. U can do so much more with it. Let macromedia remain faithful to the design with regard to websites (flash/dreamweaver) along with leave adobe to the graphics….

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Photoshop to Dreamweaver

Hello there, I will be currently trying to complete a site, Concerning completed it with Photoshop 7 sliced the image ” up ” and opened the item in Dreamweaver MX good edited it bob’s your current uncle. As well as layout is a normal logo banner using a links nav box on left and main content common box in middle My problem is when content starts to stretch the chief content box it distorts the rest of the images, I thought it absolutely was a simple event of setting this sliced image with a background image although No hehe ANy help could well be greatly appreciated TIA, DOHBOY If you work with percentages for every little thing, that would the be the issue. You have bitmap photographs. They aren’t like vectors and so are not going to magically bode well stretched. To keep this problem from happening, you should have the images of you nave set with a fixed width along with height. I hope you comprehend what I’m clearing up. I’m basically conserving it once Truly sliced it as well as opening it up straightaway in Dreamweaver Concerning the box broken up into the main area including a left, … Continue reading

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I’m just starting out here is what I have….

We have Frontpage and Photoshop 7. I want to start building webpages only for fun and I got just looking intended for help. I enjoy yourself www. w3schools. com which was great regarding HTML, but I am just using Frontpage at the moment anyways. I here’s decent at Illustrator, I know the right way to crop images, add filters, use tiers, etc. Anyways, my site is for a future number of players who will play the COMPUTER game EverQuest ONLY TWO together. The name along with such isn’t even undoubtably yet, everything is definitely me playing about and what certainly not. The most basic website ever, I understand: http: //www. creatingimages. com/legendsofnorrath/ So with that currently being shown, where regarded as a go from the following Also for getting news updates I merely make a ONLY TWO row 1 column cell phone and add these people manually. But don’t the majority use other methods Is also ezboard. com the simplest way to have a message board using a site, I have created boards there as well as past and I’m keen on it. Thanks earlier for any assist you to give me. Perhaps you have used any or software including … Continue reading

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Beginner looking for good photoshop/image program

Hello I’m trying to develop my earliest website using dreamweaverMX. I would like to design a new logo with our company name inside it (and also photoshop pictures) and am looking for a good photoshop/image design program. Can anyone recommended a superb program for a new beginner. I’ve heard Photoshop 7. 0 is very good but difficult to work with for the novice. Thanks for almost any info. ‘ David Have you looked at photoshop elements With about $100USD it really is pretty cehap. Plus it truly is geared toward newbies. For anyone who is more interested throughout cost the gimp is usually free and quite definitely worth looking into. But also harder to learn. glyakk, Concerning a limited variation of elements in my pc nonetheless it doesnt seem to permit for text within an image. Would the full version allow that I’m seeking to do images much like the " digiffect" with your signature. Thanks David http: //www. xara. com/ Photoshop does everything else for a artwork desingner except creating coffee. The brighter, cheaper Photoshop Aspects can definately do a great deal – although different alternatives include Paint Shop Pro (also OK) and also Corel’s drawing suit (never tried). … Continue reading

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Fraternity Website HELP!

Hi guys i’m familiar with web design but new to photoshop 7. I’ve used it a bit here and at this time there to doctor way up pictures but now i’m no expert. I’m looking to make a internet site for my fraternity which is very professional looking but also very graphically rigorous since there truly isn’t all a whole lot of content. I’m looking to use brotherhood photos as well as crest somewhere within the design. Our colorations are blue, silver, white, black, yellow metal and maroon. A picture with the crest can be found at www. tech-area. com/h/techarea/crest. bmp. I’ve looked around to view what other fraternities do for websites, but really, most of them have become beginner looking, bland, and basically simply suck. I needs all help i will get here having suggestions and tips because i you should not really know where to begin with. Usually i’d evaluate someone elses site and apply it as a reference, but like when i said, most of the fraternity sites my partner and i found are just simply bland and very beginner looking. Since a fraternity is a buisness, it ought to be professional, graphically demanding, and also have … Continue reading

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