I’m just starting out here is what I have….

We have Frontpage and Photoshop 7. I want to start building webpages only for fun and I got just looking intended for help. I enjoy yourself www. w3schools. com which was great regarding HTML, but I am just using Frontpage at the moment anyways. I here’s decent at Illustrator, I know the right way to crop images, add filters, use tiers, etc. Anyways, my site is for a future number of players who will play the COMPUTER game EverQuest ONLY TWO together. The name along with such isn’t even undoubtably yet, everything is definitely me playing about and what certainly not. The most basic website ever, I understand: http: //www. creatingimages. com/legendsofnorrath/

So with that currently being shown, where regarded as a go from the following Also for getting news updates I merely make a ONLY TWO row 1 column cell phone and add these people manually. But don’t the majority use other methods Is also ezboard. com the simplest way to have a message board using a site, I have created boards there as well as past and I’m keen on it.

Thanks earlier for any assist you to give me.

Perhaps you have used any or software including Dreamweaver or Flash You’ll be able to learn a ton from reading series.

Ok coursesmart is done, what do you think www. creatingimages. com/eternaldarkness.

I would stray away via Times New Roman, and change one’s body text to something such as Verdana. To keep your feel of as well as, perhaps Garamond or perhaps Georgia might are very effective though. Experiment.

I’d like to see quite a few nice rollovers on the navigation elements, precisely as it is hard to make sure what link you might be on, so this rollovers, as well as making this links more appealing can increase usability.

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