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Hello there,

I will be currently trying to complete a site, Concerning completed it with Photoshop 7 sliced the image ” up ” and opened the item in Dreamweaver MX good edited it bob’s your current uncle.

As well as layout is a normal logo banner using a links nav box on left and main content common box in middle

My problem is when content starts to stretch the chief content box it distorts the rest of the images, I thought it absolutely was a simple event of setting this sliced image with a background image although No hehe

ANy help could well be greatly appreciated



If you work with percentages for every little thing, that would the be the issue. You have bitmap photographs. They aren’t like vectors and so are not going to magically bode well stretched. To keep this problem from happening, you should have the images of you nave set with a fixed width along with height. I hope you comprehend what I’m clearing up.

I’m basically conserving it once Truly sliced it as well as opening it up straightaway in Dreamweaver

Concerning the box broken up into the main area including a left, right and underlying part sliced image which evens off the outside of the box

The image high quality is fine it’s just plainly started to put things with this box then may well create gaps and distort an entire image when it hit underneath of the mobile phone

I would like it to both stretch down and also scroll down below the boxes edges and maintain your cell the same size

Probably you’ve got cells that will be merged.

erm… do you go online somewhere and so I can review the code

I’m sure what the trouble probably is, but I merely can’t explain it to your account… without having a peek at what exactly you’ve got on the web site.

Couldn’t you simply insert a scrolling DIV from the place of the leading content box This way, it would scroll and show like it was the key content box, and you wouldn’t have the challenge of stretching. Just be sure it’s positioned appropriately.

You could have to insert a slice to the main content box, then in fireworks, remove the slice, leaving a particular box, then insert your DIV. I’d imagine this can work, but I’m unsure.

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