Teen Web Designer Needs Some Help

Hi there, I have been taking care of websites off in addition to on for about 6 years now and I will be about to convert 17 in September. At the start was the aged school AOL hometown (or whatever it had been called at the time) web wizards. Subsequently Geocities page contractors where I started out to dabble throughout HTML. Final within the past two years I’ve began strait CODE and programs including Microsoft Frontpage. I’m keen on to begin my own pages with Frontpage until I’ve the layout I will be looking for then tweak it with HTML PAGE. Of the strait HTML DOCUMENT and Frontpage sites I’ve done, I have by no means had a domain on account of lack of funds. But now you are aware my background, maybe I could get some assist with some problems.

I’ve been wanting that can put my web designing skills for the test and use them to generate some money. I realize I should begin a portfolio first women and men question hangs inside the air, " Is really a teenage web designer likely to be taken seriously". I realize some people by school who instruct adults simple pc use for pants pocket change but I’m not one to teach, I am you to definitely sit down and also design and work for hours. Is there the easiest way for me in making any money Internet Designing at my personal age

A friend of mine over heard from somewhere that will some companies could have high school college student work as web developers and help them grab clients for a share. Some providers even offer scholarships and jobs soon after college. Is this simply a lie someone spread to my mate or is now there some truth driving it

What other laptop languages and programs can i learn along with HTML I’ve experience in Adobe Illustrator and Image Ready.

Can someone aid me out with what I need to know before getting a job Along the collections of pricing, acquiring clients, how much income to expect, if I should pay for the site (I am betting not).

Eventually, are there just about any real disadvantages to using the website programs like Frontpage I’ve found none to date in the 5 months I’ve used it.

Properly, thank you in your time and just about any and all advice could be very much loved. Thank you.


Lots of people will recommend otherwise, but I’d recommend likely to college and specializing within Computer Science, Multilevel Administration, or one thing along those traces that interests people. You’ll learn a lot in college, both in and out of the classroom (me and also my roommates teach each other more than the professors do).

Frontpage isn’t a recommended WEB CODING editor. Dreamweaver or perhaps GoLive are far better editors, and they are doing more than only HTML. Also, thinking about learning a couple of more languages. CSS, PHP and/or ASP would be a good idea.

To make some money while you’re even now young, get the term out to your relatives and buddies that you can produce a website, and eventually someone may contact you about carrying out a site for them.

Thanks! But as fare while HTML editors choose, are they as good (if definitely not better) than coding throughout Word or notice pad

No. Word is POSSIBLY NOT an editor, it’ll produce AWFUL computer code. Frontpage has recently been known to create bloated code too. In the industry, Frontpage is definitely not very respected.

Properly, as for the considering taken seriously – I will be 14. I have a brother who can be 23 and this individual found a project just for this company. Now I have met using the client (with our brother) and she has seen me in addition to still says they’re perfectly happy to me to work on the site – we are even thinking of using my layout for the site.

In order that it is quite likely that you be taken seriously. As long when you show them several of your work, then they will see that you will be good – era is irrelevant. You probably won’t even meet you, so unless that they ask, don’t tell these people – unless you wish to ofcourse…

Getting your personal domain/commercial server is very useful – I just now can’t stress them enought. In programming and website development, you’ll learn the vast majority of trade while performing projects -> the theory behind everything is vital but on the whole it boils lower on how progressive and efficient you might be in making your own desings.

I suggest you try out two or three editors, both WYSIWYG (ex. DreamWeaver) and text-based (syntax highlighting is really a MUST in case you are serious about your work – Circumstance is my favourite), and purchase a book at PHP or Perl. Both are quite frequently used in smaller designs, and are great starters into programming (probably if you currently know HTML then PHP may prove easier to be able to learn). Oh, and JavaScript not surprisingly, at least the basic principles.

Here’s two or three URLs worth checking:
internet. w3schools. com
internet. deviantart. com
internet. php. net

Consent completely with mixu. Dreamweaver is great for a multiuse web design and style program. You’ve got the particular coding side connected with things (with highlighting) plus the design view. Furthermore, when you hand-code, you’ll be able to check in design view to check on it’s going OKAY.

Well worth the 350 that costs for MX 2007.

If you might be a student, please note that you will be able to buy a scholar license of MX 2004 for around 150

The problem together with student software though is generally your licence will state that you will be not allowed to utilize it for commerical reasons. So if you work toward doing work for clients you are required to upgrade.

You possibly can make money in this field regardless of the age you tend to be, the catch though is you’ll need to be good at promoting yourself, or convincing others that you will be the best man for your job. That may sound like you must convince them that you will be the best web designer on the planet, but talent should be part of it. They will become judging you with the monent they make contact from your speedyness of your answers towards clothes you were into the amount you fee. For example, lets say I’m your client in addition to we schedualed a new meeting at my personal office at 10 the next day. You showed way up at 10: TEN wearting a t-shirt and blue jeans. You seemed rather shakey and anxious, and when I visited shake your hand it absolutely was cold and clamy and your grip was not necessarily firm. (BTW the handshake could be the single most important thing you can apply to get a meeting started off right. And it can be so simple to get down. Once you get shook thousand of hands you will understand, in fact now I think about it I will write a tutorial for the subject.. but in any case I degress.. ) Additionally you made no ef

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