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Definitely people.

I have been recently a coder in the past 6 years or perhaps so, but We have not really took an enormous step into the earth of graphics, that’s why when my (or someones) website is finished, you will discover normally no layouts, and if you will discover graphics, they usually are not of the best value.

I advertise regionally and work is sorts of starting to arrive around, so I would appreciate any guidance/tips on the way to create visually appealing sites, as POST only produce simple, text based.

Many thanks guys

Set yourself some sort of target to learn some of the principles that apply to Graphic Design. You make attractive pages through the use of basic things similar to: Alignment, Space, Proximity, Colour, Repeating page elements etc. These will affect how user-friendly and uncomplicated and ‘attractive’ some sort of page will how it looks look. The good thing is you don’t even need the graphics package to begin with using these issues.

All you need to do is scan some of the websites featured in the " How’s my site" forum here in WDF to see that a lot of people have this mindset that some the way the fundamentals of Graphic Design do not apply when designing for the web.

If you immerse head first into something like Photoshop for making graphics at this stage you will be pumping out low-priced bevel & emboss styled text.

In other words, master the basics first.

http: //www. mundidesign. com/presentation/index2. html
http: //desktoppub. with regards to. com/cs/graphicdesign/a/designbasics. htm
http: //www. msu. edu/glazered/tc801/graphic. html page

Have you pondered taking a training


Design is a very involved process. The simplest way, I think, to begin is to check out what other everyone is doing and try to duplicate their function. Also, read tutorials plus practice with design software to learn all the hottest tricks and procedures. Once you contain the necessary skills, look for creative ways to apply them to each client’s needs. Each client differs, and thus must look different. You should market clients correctly – make their own website fit their business.

Thanks for any responses. Since starting this thread We have been reading layout tutorials (mainly out of about.

Because transio put it, each client needs to be different, which was on the list of factors for me seeking advice. No matter the site, I only think in one way, I have to open my sight more huh

Also it probably doesnt help i always have had singular client, other compared to my site, to design.

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