Should be a very simple question…

Acceptable, excuse my newbie-ness, but We have what should be an extremely simple question…

In the event you go to my personal site http: //www. thomaswharry. com, in an effort to I have the meta redirect that takes one to http: //www. thomaswharry. com/nuke/, which is where my PHPNuke web site is.

We have a reseller consideration that, because Fantastico is usually installed, will not please let me use just thomaswharry. com because my home index. I have to work with a subdirectory.

As you know, this sucks vastly. Is there any route to mask it in order that it looks for instance it’s just Thomaswharry. com, instead of the URL standard saying thomaswharry. com/nuke/

Usually I would just Google to acquire my answer, but I don’t even really know what to call the procedure that would please let me do this, so I can’t possibly Google. HELP!!!

You should use mod_rewrite I believe if you are host supports that, a quick hack of course will be to make http: //www. thomaswharry. com a framed page with one particular frame being collection to 0height and also the other containing http: //www. thomaswharry. com/nuke, although I’d suggest alongside that.

Consider mod_rewrite and hiding URLS (Google) should talk about some promising outcome.

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