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Howdy everyone!

I’m buggered by just a problem showing up nearly all time I go into new website: the goal would be to put text which will be scrolled decrease between two county, one up andf the other down the tv screen. For example, I could want my text to appear between Y=250 as well as Y=550, but whether or not scrolled down, who’s deasappears if away from those borders.

I could do this using frames I presume, but there needs to be another way, is not there: nervous:

Thanx on your help

Also you can do it using divs.

Create a box with the height of 300, a fixed width and add this specific:

Thanx gentleman! You’re saving my entire life!… or almost
I used to be despaired to get answered on this a single…

I’m not that acquainted with div’s yet, but I’ll find out.
Thanx at any rate!


I am no expert at divs and CSS, but I believe you could develop the style and put it to use to your < td>.

Have you any idea how to hyperlink a style metal sheet If yes, put this within your style sheet. If not, you can add the style inside the html by putting this between < style> tags< /style> in the < head> of one’s html< /head>. Your code in the body would then be < td> < div class=" content" > the stuff you want to scroll< /div> < /td>

. content
height: 300px;
size: px;
overflow: scroll

While you’re at it, you might as well formatting the
: background
: font-family
: font-size
: color
: padding: TOPpx RIGHTpx BOTTOMpx LEFTpx;
This will be sure your text does not go completely to the ends.

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