Borders around text?!

I do believe some users have already posted this question but find out how to get borders along with toolbars (the metalic ones) like in skinbase. org (or. com i 4got)

Borders are frequently added using cascading down style sheets (CSS) while using border attribute. Instance:

Your HTML is:

< div class=" WithBorders" > Lots and much text that I'd like to see a border around< /div>

And in which case you need the CSS:

. WithBorderborder: 1px reliable silver;

Post back would you like more help with CSS…

are there kinds of borders and what about the tabs The ones on skinbase appearance cooler… how were they done

Exactly what is the URL

online world. skinbase. org

Goodness me I see. If we’re both preaching about the same thing, then the ones you enjoy are done together with images. Take a look at these:

http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/customcorners/

http: //www. bigbaer. com/css_tutorials/css. line. image. frame. variations. htm

http: //www. alistapart. com/articles/practicalcss/


you’ve gotten 2 broken inbound links, both alistapart. com
pleez post back whenever you know the genuine link.

Thanx for you help…

They may be working here. It’s possible the website had been down briefly. I copied and pasted.

be thankful for. they worked now. Although I think I’ll stay with tables until we would like frames. Thanx anyhow

CSS is the place that the web is likely. Might as well learn it at this point.

– You should utilize borders on tables
– CSS controls types, so until you might be comfortable going tableless, it will still be cognizant of incorporate CSS into your web blog.

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