The coolest new firefox extension

http: //pagerankstatus. mozdev. org/

As a final point! Pagerank for firefox!

BTW ADVENTURE, I believe that now leaves people without excuses from a few months when 1. 0 sinks into the shelves… not for beta, tested along with tried, and even has the capacity for pagerank!

I don’t utilize firefox. Is it the best browser Maybe I should try it out sometime….

Indeed, it’s a excellent browser.

It is the best browser.

It is a cool extension. It’s something I have been wanting for a while now.

Now only when one would prepare an extension to add to page rank

It is the only browser that will finally forced me personally to switch away from IE. Fast, basic, and secure.

Simply downloaded it…. niiiiiiiice.

firefox rox.

haha i am so clever!!!!!!!!!!

(ya, right).

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