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I have worked with Drupal, Joomla, Mambo and also SharePoint. From an internet development prospective, I can work with them all. The problem is from a client’s prospective. Drupal, Joomla and also Mambo all possess similar administrative energy. I my view, I don’t think they’re user friendly; the schema of sections and categories may be very confusing to a client. What I enjoyed about working with SharePoint is the back-end looking fairly akin to Explorer. Clients who work with computers all daytime understand the folder developed, which SharePoint functions also.

Family and friends, my client hopes to make changes recommended to their own website, so My business is going the CMS road. I want something that certainly will not overwhelm my customer. If you include any suggestions in respect of how to handle this (preferably wide open source), I sooo want to hear it.

Type Website are these people after

Brand-new checked out WordPress/Expression Serp

They certainly are a non-profit organization that is definitely looking for a really basic site where they might just add updates recommended to their own content (pretty a great deal 8 pages plus a photo gallery)

It is not a blog consequently I wasn’t seeking to go the Live journal route. I haven’t discovered Express Engine, so I may check that released.


WordPress does not should be used as the blog. It makes a wonderful content management system for small company websites, with or with not a blog.

The good news is plugin for WP, NextGen Gallery of which makes handling of photos quickly.

It’s also very easy for your client to update pages and even add new kinds.


George can be right. While you’ll be able to create blogs having WordPress, WP is above just simple blogging software and is more than efficient at what you necessitate.

After doing quite a few research and testing out some options, WHEN I found CMS Made Simple. Very easy to use.

Hey Fuzy, a friend associated with mine directed myself to Pegboard CMS which he uses to construct for some regarding his clients. I have observed the demo on their site but it looks quite simple to use and quite intuitive when compared to some others i’ve seen.

Make sure you try using iUpdateIt. It’s a simplified CMS that you could easily install inside select locations on a clients site. We then gets his or her login and can update as well as using a web editing tool that works much like a word one. I think this’ll do the trick for you.

Wordpress is simple to use and can be used being a cms. as mentioned above.

Cushy CMS can be great for easy client updates.

I agree that having WordPress would become good but I recently got done when using the most basic site to get a non-profit and MY PARTNER AND I used WordPress hard. The people that happen to be taking over the particular content management dont understand WordPress and I agree it is easy and simple but you’ll find people who will not understand it and you will have to almost write the book for them to understand. I would continue to use WordPress depending on the sort of site but be ready for questions

todaythese days wordpress plugings can be found to convert then to utilize as a CMS for the website design and i think its more better then anyone for a interface wise due to the fact its more n accessible. If you want to find out about cheap web hosting on which it is possible to install almost 15 different CMS software in mere one single click then i would say web hsotbutler is best.

Hi Abstract
My business is Jerry,
i dont find out whether u r managing. net….
might you help me out using the following points below
my business is using asp. net codebehind(vb) regarding my website and require some help with the treeview i ‘m using
A SINGLE. when the user clicks on a treeview(which is populated originating from a database) the selectednode really should be highlighted and remain highlighted to ensure the user know he’s clicked that special node.
3. on mouseover this nodes should transform color
3 OR MORE. onmouseover the treeview have to autohide
could u remember to assist me with this, thanx

ya frnd…. different types of cms usually are user frndly its depends on coding for content material management system.. you are able to set it from a programmer…….: laugh:

Paul Stark

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The bottom line is, if you’ll need a complex cms, then make use of a cms program planned for that. If you recently want your customer to change out there some text or maybe picures, then utilize an open origin simple cms. Don’t make things harder than they need to be.

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