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I am a visual form designer, great with layout, creative suggestions, making functioning design and animations. My problem includes some coding, I am descent with CSS and also better with HTML CODE. My clients even so want Joomla, Drupal, in addition to WordPress. It takes me forever to style then convert to css, and after that finally creating the functioning page within php for Joomla.

My questions are, what design programs is it possible get that are visual that will creat valid css, or maybe joomla, websites if just about any Any and all help would be much appreciated….

There aren’t any.
You will discover free templates put on be close to what you need,
but in the end, you need to code yourself to customize them.

Complete the graphic style and design, and hire some sort of freelance programmer to assist you with the coding.
Work to be a team.

im pretty good at css and need a first gig

Consider Artisteer www. artisteer. com. It makes designing wordpress, joomla, and soon, drupal themes Less of a challenge. You can also create HTML pages from it.

My only problem is there are a few very minor constraints, which someone understanding programming could truly manually change. I don’t know PHP or CSS and also just HTML, so I’m minimal by what this program can do, which sucks at times.

Nonetheless, I hope this helps!

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