want to know what not to do on a website????

would like to know what not to accomplish on a webpage just fallow that link!!

http: //www. freewebs. com/neosbetter/index. htm

I’d say this really is worse: http: //www. angelfire. com/super/badwebs/


A CSS Zen Backyard design by one among our own users: http: //csszengarden. com/cssfile=http: //www. tastydirt. com/zen/sample. css

Government and specially public education (not better public education) web sites usually are horrible, although some federal government sites like http: //www. nasa. gov/ are quite nice theoretically 508-compliant (as many government sites ought to be).

It’s safe to say that Zen Backyard site takes the particular cookie.
But no less than it has ALRIGHT navigation, unlike as well as I mentioned!

Why is, I wonder WHEN I suppose there’s really little accountability, and that experts claim the folks the webmasters of (local) govt sites don’t known enough to tell a good, easily navigable site originating from a bad one.

http: //www. greenville. k12. pa. us/
you cant also tell the hyperlinks apart when they dont change at mouseover or almost nothing.

emailing Mr. Hasp is easy when you finally get the links figured out. Teachers> Staff Directory> visit H

nevertheless yeah, the navigation method is seriously lacking.

http: //seizurerobots. com/

Obviously merely a joke, but if any individual ever puts stuff like that one a severe site I’ll be sad.

Thats true took me 30 seconds but thats merely me others can take several years to figure the item out.

straight_up ones sites just insane! it had all the things i learnt not to ever do down into the anoying music you are able to turn off!

filburt1 That site looks like my friends site. not his first one i would add but just like hies 3rd 1 ( he sould really change hobby)

As well as i started this particular thread with ended up being actualy a chalenge originating from a nother freind involving mine, he told me if i could do a greater job then they would replace them with my web page. the one when i made was like that one but many better (sorry its not up anymore).

Eddy thanks man you gave me a headack

Not a way, music
MY PARTNER AND I missed that… where’d you will find it

managed to get the music thing from http: //www. angelfire. com/super/badwebs/.

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