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Hi everyone,
I am attempting to display the current time on the site and having considered around I discovered this code

Reply. Write FormatDateTime(" 12/23/2003 8-10: 24 AM", vbShortTime)

but obviously it just exhibits the 8. 24 constantly.. no big surprise there then.
Does anyone find out what i need to use in this in order correctly to display the contemporary time

Thanks beforehand,

I have applied the following in past times, it doesn’t grant you the date in number format but it surely works.

Output seems like this,

I’m sure the good news is way to clear the output in place, but it’s a new start

< script>
var time=new Date()
insurance coverage. write('Current Time: '+time+'')
< /script> 

This particular displays the server time. If you would like the clients moment, use audiofreak9 Is code.

< %
Dim clock
time clock = Time
Reply. Write(clock)

Thats great, thanks bfsog.


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