What can I do to improve this template?

I have recently created an online site for a friends and family friend’s bed in addition to breakfast. I’d like some help improving the planning of the template if anyone is actually willing. Any comments/suggestions can be great.

Here’s the url intended for my test copy in the site: http: //www. almosthome. nxserve. net/index. php

Gives thanks!

Andrew Arnott

It’s a little flat, and (I’ll say it again) a new logo will really maximize a brand recognition that can people remember your webblog and hopefully returning.

Test building the web template using standard-compliant markup and also css, this has benefits including ease regarding updating. Also, try using css text replacement with the navigation. That way you could use the a: hover state for roll-overs as opposed to javascript.

I’d personally also increase the line-height for the copy text, and work with the h1 style because it is just a little bland. The most crucial part for an affiliate site like this may be to have a lot of large beautiful photos, because that’s what’s about to bring in this reservations. also, give thought to doing a video tutorial guided tour. individuals eat that stuff up.

It’s a little bit bland, and doesn’t seriously make me want to come back.

The headings may not be very noticeable, and also a logo and improved graphics would support the site’s splendor.

Using valid markup and style can be handy, and because the previous poster explained using css about the navigation would end up being better, but I do think that if you’re planning to use that typeface, then images can be better.

Try spending a footer regarding some sort, including copyright, valid markup in addition to style etc.

And do not lay out coursesmart with tables. It may be done a ton easier with divs. Search div layouts, simply because they are better in so many ways. Tables weren’t meant to be used for you to lay out internet sites. They have the place, bu it is not in the design of sites.

you could still use css to receive the same outcome. here are multiple methods:

http: //css-tricks. com/nine-techniques-for-css-image-replacement/

Nicely, site menus are generally little inconvinient that will read so it would better if a person change some font and make it more convinent to eyes.

Also put some tags within the footer to make it more impressive and optimization friendly..

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