What would you do?

Here’s the situation.

Client has powersports store can be a yamaha franchise.

wants E-commerce site considering the 19, 000 products he’s, this is which includes parts. What solution will i use to make this as speedy as possible. Are available any Parts Specific solutions on the market How about images to go along Will some people be easy to upload in conjunction with part number… he currently has this specific in Lightspeed segments and accounting Program. And Finally what does one charge Thanks beforehand for your response.

Whatever one does, I think it will be pretty darn tedious and time intensive.

I do’nt think there is usually a shortcut as presently there isn’t anything that is automated. It’s going to take quite a long time and that’s of which. I would make sure to figure out how far this could take you and then just choose exactly what hourly figure anyone fancy. I think it could cost a considerable amount and it may take ages to complete inless you get many people in helping.

I didn’t realise there are so many products with the sort of factor: -D

I would up the cost and put a new team together to work overall thing. Have them do specific parts. You could work with asp. net and url create the interface this way using a facts base. (It can be faster once you got a template. ) I would likely charge an hourly price suficant to maintain my time and work plus the time and work of my team/teams. Plus odds of so that I made some form of profit.

That’s what I became fearing, I might have to turn brussels down, I’m an important part timer… so I really do not have on a regular basis in the world something such as this requires.

That’s what I’d personally do I imagine. It’s not really organization you would need, especially if you’re only doing this in your free time. If you will be able to do hence, only take for the projects that you know you will enjoy all of which be rewarding. I can’t see brussels being much interesting. Perhaps rewarding if you charged a lot

Typically, if you don’t want the job, will not just say absolutely no to them. Invest a high selling price. If they acknowledge, then your laughing. Whenever they don’t you are as you were.

He’s not totally committed on it just yet, but I do think if I price it high enough he’ll lose interest in it and might just opt for the $500 static FIVE pager instead.

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