Where do i get adds

Im lookign for just a place that i will get adds we cna place at my webpage kind of like Googles addsence, one problem usually i would unlike to have to supply my SN out so i cnat make use of adsences form yahoo

You can create your personal ads when you’ve got a graphics program plus a knack for online marketing. Actually, I think Google’s adSense either *is* or *looks only like* HTML so that you could create your own personal ads in CODE I suppose.

I create banner advertisements and popups to get companies large along with small, if you’ll need help. Check out my signature for much more info.

okay refrase: looking for adds that can put on my website like googles adsence, but i dont aim for to put the SN ot resigster

Precisely what you talking about by SN

There are thousands of ad-servers on the market.

I think he means interpersonal security number (SSN). Google collects it in order to report your revenue for tax uses.

Your SSN can be nothing secret. I accustomed to think it has been, until I gave it out 5 times on a daily basis in college. I can assure you that you can trust google. Plus you’re probably about to need to reveal a SSN for every major ad system. It’s all regarding taxes.

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