XP SP2 and the Drop-Down

Features anyone noticed this there’s this bothersome message

that slides down with the top of the IE page written content window now whenever you go to an affiliate site with drop straight down menus running XP with Service Group 2

All my templates, all the plus the drop-downs are today screwed.

Of course, you can always go into the options along with change the configurations, but in my personal mind, if I’m designing for that web, and SP2 will be causing this communication to popup for almost any drop-down menu, I need to rule out even while using the drop-downs because the actual XP SP2 user base grows everyday and I don’t need to rely on the common non-tech savvy user being forced to go into those options to allow for this stuff that will drop down and it is just a sort of harassment.

Fine Lord, has SP2 essentially ruled out your drop-down menu and also does anyone know of drop-downs which can be SP2 compliant

Have any URLs for us to see I have SP2 about my laptop hence I haven’t used it a lot of, but I haven’t experienced concern yet (although I did just recently upgrade).

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