Where do I look to learn?

Howdy to everyone,
This can be my first morning here, I found you by searching on google for help, so I’m expecting somebody can direct me towards info I get.
To begin with, I am your self taught webmaster who’s in the center of changing over our site to W3C compliant XHTML.
The thing which is reared up it truly is ugly little head will be error message I get because of the ‘language=javascript’ portion in the code in RSS feeds (as seen about this page; http: //www. kygallery. com/list/commerce/index. htm)
What I want is to discover a source of data, that I can make reference to when I run into such problems, so I can figure out how to fix them. Any suggestions

Good, I have learnt a great deal on web forums this way one. So you’re in the correct place!

In reference for a question you could try in search of valid xhtml javascript statements etc.

However I believe I know the reason the validator moaned from you.

That < script language=" " > tag is not supprted any far more. Instead do

< script type=" text/javascript" >
< /script>

Hope this specific helps

Thank you very much, bfsog.
The type tag was already in the code, at the completed, so all Pondered to do appeared to be eliminate the language tag but it works fine.
The page is actually up to W3C rigorous standards.
Your fix appeared to be worth twice the price of what I paid for!! (lol)

Paul, this specific forum is good… experienced folks, ready to help out.
With regard to really specific specialised coding issues, also you can want to try
out www. codingforums. com

POST use both regularily (a good mix of ideas and viewpoints).

You shouldn’t be afraid to inquire questions and wake things up… which is what
makes this forum good.


All the time man.

POST agree. I feel here (WDF) is a best for website advice, covering all aspects in the broad level.

I believe codingforums is far more code based, maybe this is because they have programming languages forums.

Direction they both rock and roll and I go to both daily.

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