Adding sound in Dreamweaver

WHEN I added a background sound (. wav file) throughout Dreamweaver, and as well some rollover looks using Behaviors, and everything worked beautifully at home, but when WHEN I took my website files with a friend’s house and downloaded them in her computer, as opposed to playing the background sound and rollover appears to be, the browser kept trying to open the noises in Quicktime when the mouse rolled covering the image, and the web site kept changing with a plain browser with a Quicktime player inside it. How can I ensure that anyone viewing my site who may have Quicktime as their own default player, does not experience it is there some form of coding I range from that will possibly play the appear in Windows media because it was intended, or perhaps show a lacking link box as it does in Netscape. Thought about want my rollover sounds to work!

This is probably not upon answer you are interested in your question, but my advice is to stay clear song etc. when creating websites. It makes your website heavier and sluggish, and you’re not guaranteed others will avoid identical problems you merely experienced yourself!

People on the web are extremely impatient so keep it clean and to the stage. Dont let other suggestions (such as new music that doesn play) wreck their impression within your work.

Thumb sounds are always good too.

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