Someone please help site having a rooney!

Greetings all. I recently designed a fresh site for my own ring WISP company. But truble is definitely when building them in dreamweaver when i used mozilla since my preview browser and it all looked nicely. So then we came to upload the basic design and style, i checked it up on i. e. in order to my amazment it was buggered! All the borders usually do not line up. I have checked out the code and cant appear to solve the problem but i am in no way any coding community, so if someone could you’ll find the site and try as well as fugure out wherever im going wrong that may be great. Thing is the item works great within mozilla you can you’ll find the site there to observe what its designed to look like. Ive also examined it in opera nevertheless thats not such a bit issue as its a smallish used browser. Thank you.

world wide web. onetouch. mypfc. com

Do you think you’re using any paddings or perhaps margin settings within your css IE milkbones them differently as compared to mozilla.

Most likely are not your problem, but it’s worth considering.

excellent luck


yes a 4 pixel padding generally in most places

Look into this article

http: //webdesign. about. com/cs/css/a/aaboxmodelhack. htm


I’d just try to not use region and padding in the same div. Nested divs perform pretty well for most situations.

How do i do a nested div Ive never come accross that name before

It’s exactly like nested tables. A div in a div inside a div…….

< div id=" outer" >
< div id=" middle" >
< div id=" inner" >
< /div>
< /div>
< /div>


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