Which should I use, setup a blog or manually?

Hi there.

My business is re-working my webpage, and im looking for a little advice.
My site are going to be more regularly up-to-date etc, and on the frontpage it will be literally filled with some news, similar to a blog.

Today, on the right hand side, I’d personally also like it to talk about " Top YOUR FIVE News" or something equivalent (the exact wording doesnt matter with the moment), so im guessing that I will have to create some type of blog or one thing right

How could we start off therefore etc..

It is sort of what My organization is after. But on the suitable hand side it has the latest updates and what definitely not…

Thanks for virtually any help

make use of a blogging system. Incredibly easier and faster. www. wordpress. org it is a great one, it’s free and easy to install.

Thanks a whole lot!

Blogger is decent and easy to put together plus it can be free:

http: //www. doodlekit. com/start

This has lots of options, they have both a no cost and pay-for variation:

https: //secure. pmachine. com/download. php

But Blogger is a superb one to start with…


MovableType’s (www. movabletype. org) great too; plus you could probably get away with with the free version.

Ooooh, WHEN I forgot about MovableType, what a good one… a bit more elegant than blogger as a result of… MovableType would always be my first choice (actually, a simple PHP flat-file news script could well be my very earliest pick… )

I have not tried internet. wordpress. org, this can include good too… Lots of options!

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