Wouldn’t it be good if there were a website that….

Heya… I was browsing the world wide web, and was interested to discover websites all related to ideas for new website.

Need to create a website for University future semester, so many of these ideas have been useful, but I had been wondering what everyone all thought the others of this sentence might be:

" Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a website in which… "

Ok , i’ll know what your own thoughts are.

Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a web internet site that did the analysis of cooperative coevolutionary algorithms

But seriously, if you require ideas it’s probably best to perform something your thinking about; a hobby or maybe something. To make a good web site you’ll need to be very familiar using and understand the subject content. I can see tons of tips for new webpages, but that doesn’t mean you are going to like any of these, and it doesn’t imply that they haven’t been done more often than not over already.

Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a website that had a special offer on The apple company Powerbooks.

Need one, get 2 free.

… can help me complete my laundry, remedy my finacial difficulties, end global warfare, solve world craving for food, and at duration remain standards compliant along with semantic:

WE wish…

" Wouldn’t it often be good if there was a website which scanned your studying and did everthing for you. Not surprisingly, it would have got to ‘show it’s work’. "

I’d like to see an online site that allowed someone to group tags along with their associated content, and allowed you to tag the tags along with refelect on the method that you think tagging associated with tags will influence the blogsphere all together. From your mobile phone.

I choose to see sites in which do things along with don’t get hung up on being " pretty"…

You look in the most useful sites on the web and they’re essentially, often, fairly tedious. W3C site is really a wonderful reference perform, yet has very little in the manner of images or what designers would call " style"… or perhaps, rather, maybe it has loads of style in their minimalism.

Often when somebody submits a niche site here it will likely be incredibly complex but will have lots with bits and pieces that they’ve intended in Photoshop and so on… but, in certainty, that adds absolutely nothing to the site when it comes to usability. It may be the basic structure along with content that makes a niche site, not whether it looks pretty.

Exploring pretty is good, but it’s any " bonus" rather than a requirement for anything the place that the purpose is in order to impart information instead of wow the guests… clearly if you’re a web site design company you’d would like to impress, if you’re some sort of local doctor’s surgery then likelihood is your visitors shall be much happier getting the information without delay but rather than required to gaze at a photo of the doctor who could have treated them had they not passed away sitting at their PC looking forward to the website to help load; -)


Aesthetics and Usability AREN’T exclusive.
Video Design vs. Usability
This Sphere of Design

" Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a website that could interpret women. ": common:

I never said we were looking at Dave… one just has to focus on which of the 2 main is an important for an individual project… and generally (not all) that usability is number one priority… aesthetics then place the icing on that cake


Sometimes visual appeal is the function in the site, as by using an artist’s collection. And at additional times it have got to compliment usability. Any design that will not aid in the particular site’s ultimate objective is bad. A website can be highly flamboyant yet possibly not convey the expected information, or always be easily accessable in addition to usable, but weary the viewer. It all depends on what you want the site to convey.

Right now there really is absolutely no conflict between aesthetics and usability, while they both must facilitate the user’s comprehension and appreciation in the content. You only need to strike the correct balance.

Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a website in which…. could tap in to my mind and read which kind of emotional state I used to be in, and then which consists of complex AI determine the way to react to also alter my state(bad mood) or help to increase it(good mood). Furthermore, make coffee in addition to snacks on desire and spit them out of the CD tray.

Wouldn’t it be good there was a website this… would stream the actual sounds of deeply space from each of the radio telescopes on earth and provide usage of the latest telescope images.

update: oops, I enable the nerd out.

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