a question about Flash maintenance

I have been previously to at least twelve Flash designers’ website and in addition they all roughly say exactly the same thing..

WHY do Pen designers charge hence for doing Thumb maintenance/updating Is it a result of complexity of this Actionscript and animations For my current client a common thing I’m accomplishing is swapping a photo every month, and he quite simply wants the intro cartoon and actionscript functions to remain seated the same.

To my opinion, I think it will be the Actionscript linked to every part on the Flash file, along with the time it would choose to use learn the actionscript enough in making changes to the item (my perspective, since My organization is only a beginner/intermediate Actionscript coder). HTML and CSS is virtually clear-cut. Change the attribute, save the idea, it instantly changes large of a font for example.

Does anyone else agree how the foreseen/unforeseen complexity of Flash files bring on a higher charge

How usually high That’s a professional web developers salary (assuming they’re freelance)

Additionally, if a pen file is coded properly, it can always be managed with XML, thus a CMS and be as quick to update while this forum.

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