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Hello most,
This is this first post these and am excited to engage in your community. I had been really hoping anyone all could help me when using the following… I was wanting to know if anyone may tell me what was utilized to create the " /// Reports Banner" section on this homepage:
http: //www. worldsbk. com/en/home. html
At first I thought so it was Flash, but it doesn’t are most often Is it Thumb or something else Thanks ahead for any enter anyone could give on this. Take care.

Here’s another site that seems to be creating animation inside the " Feature Banner" that’s not Flash:
http: //www. entripy. com/gclid=CM-bhq7R35ICFQUilgodGlcj_g
Thanks again for every help anyone can perform.

they used joomla in addition to javascript but employed for dynamic navigation that should be done with server side scripting. furthermore the animated reddish colored strip is adobe flash indeed.

Thanks a lot for the info your feedback. Please forgive my ignorance as I are not aware of anything really related to Joomla (but will probably research it today *S*), but had been the animation established then with Joomla or maybe Javascript. To now any animation sort work I’ve performed on any websites I’ve designed are done with Adobe flash. Also, whether it is really Joomla or Javascript, possibly there is any advantage in with it for the cartoon over Flash Thanks earlier once again for almost any response. Take proper care.


not sure. the data sort is flash. the remainder i couldnt inform you, i havent got to animations nonetheless and i dont work with cms. javascript is really a nono because it truly is client side. so is flash but in terms of animation(not video) flash is the way to go.

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