Need To Populate Field Upon Tab

Anyone know of a script I could install that would allow the person to do this:

Type information in a text field of the form near the very best of a page that might upon tabbing towards the next field, put the information anyone just entered suitable field at the bottom of the internet page.

This is very useful with an interactive interview script My business is building. The information entered in the interview would immediately show up at the bottom of the page for the interviewer to refer to and never having to page back as long as where it was originally entered. (It is a long interview. )

I have searched around a great deal of java scripts as well as find nothing. Sure would understand hearing from anyone which has or anyone that wishes to get paid to create one.

Thank you,

Well, that shouldn’t be too difficult in any respect.

Assuming you have two textareas, set ids on both ones:

< textarea id=" field1" > < /textarea> 

This is to be able to refer to these individuals separately through JavaScript. After that, you can utilize the onblur’ attribute of the textarea element to make sure JavaScript to execute something when the item loses focus (i. electronic., when you tab away from it).

So, you want the content from your current textarea to go to another textarea:

< textarea id=" field1" onblur=" document. getElementById('field2'). value = insurance policy. getElementById('field1'). value; " > < /textarea>
< textarea id=" field2" > < /textarea> 

This will place the text from field1 towards field2 whenever field1 is definitely blurred — when you focus anywhere other than them after having been focused on it. The code would be the same for almost every other field, too, except it is possible to replace getElementById(‘field1′)’ with getElementById(‘*elementId*’)’ where *elementId* will be id of existing element.

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