Access denied !!

Fine morning….
As just stated I bring new problems to the board to reflect on!!
*Someone* features messed something all over, I can no longer access the FTP sites I created here at the office, internally that is usually. Works fine using an outside line but in house no-go. I possess checked the surroundings on IIS SIX. 0 and almost all looks well. Permissions and person accounts are the same, the only thing Relating to changed is developing a new user account that’s more restrictive and works. (tested using FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL software, with that can obtain access to all my FTP sites) So could anyone think what could have changed that would make this error message appear after i try to access the FTP web site via Internet explorer from within the office.
" Your windows program cannot access this kind of folder. Make sure an individual typed the filename correctly knowning that you have permission to reach the folder. Specifics: The FTP was terminated "

Thanks before hand,

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