Activating a Web Camera within a Site


Im a student working on a project which will be based on line. It includes your grid of movies, all of people today using their computers. I want to feature the person that visits your website, perhaps in the center of the grid. Perhaps there is any way to try and do this

One example is, if a person features a web camera or a integrated iSight camera (mac), she or he will be asked when they want to activate their camera to be in a grid with most of these other videos.

I dont need to take any of this video for by myself, I just want the positioning to be involved and interesting. My project is types of about how most people build community on the net while atomizing ourselves as well, as people can even be alone when when using the computer, etc.

Anyone understand how to do this Anything by any means would be truly appreciated!!!

What amount of this don’t you already have
Have you got a website with any webcams previously on it that marilyn and i can see
Or is a project you merely have in your head

I have numerous videos, and I understand how to put together your basic grid analysts on a extremely basic html internet site. I want there to become a center square inside grid of videos that might be blank until you hit activate or something, to activate your individual web camera, thus becoming part of the grid.

consequently, kind of with my head…

Plus by videos, you mean actually all streaming webcams
You no longer just mean. flv or even. mpeg video files

I’m like leaning toward having a to have your dedicated server.
This doesn’t could be seen as something which is done with a new shared webhost
bill like godaddy, aol, or 1and1. com.

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