Advice needed about my new social network

Very first post here.

We have recently launched a fresh spiritual social network which is for people interested in spirituality and likewise for complementary providers: www. soulalert. com

Considerably of offline and affiliate marketing is being performed, and the website is 3 many months old with c160 affiliates. I am defining it as totally free to help join.

I have invested tremendously in this site and many experts have custom-built.

I am concerned about the actual continuing high costs of getting imrovements done because of the web company I use and wonder if i should try to transfer as well as to a zero cost program that does similar (but there can be much customisation inside site). However funds at the moment are almost all consumed…

Can anyone help with views as to whether it could actually be worth transferring it to another social multilevel program, (bearing in your mind the custom aspects) in case so which one(s)

And how to attract this site to create membership faster

There are tweaks that they are made to your website (eg the forum needs to change so you won’t need to re-logon), and another improvements. But it really is the cost aspect. So spend even more now, or wait and keep on with the site precisely as it is


Good Site.
Should add some links to Modern Live Music also.
http: //www. heavens. fm/mp3/newage. pls
http: //www. heavens. fm/mp3/ambient. pls

I listen to them At all times. It’s Pretty good music.

Thank you Wynn455. I couldn’t for some reason access the back links you provided, they attended download but would opne. Do you understand of any great sites for modern music – ie the basic url

Hope you can join SoulAlert.

Absolutely no I dont
heavens. fm and di. fm will be the only 2 Web pages I goto for Modern.
That. pls I work with Winamp for.
POST use to goto HoS (Hearts Connected with Space) and Music Starstreams,
But they dont contain the Live Music Any more.
I use to goto another one, But I Dont remember what the Name of it was. They had Limited Selections.
Also should Try Live365.

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