Are tables obsolete for page design? (Replaced by span and div?) Your opinion please.

Hello there, just call my home Rip Van Winkle.

Concerning not paid a lot attention to world wide web coding for over the year, and currently I find assertions in forums that " tables are generally obsolete. " They say it truly is all done these days with " span" along with " div" implementing CSS.

This concerns:

JUST ONE. I don’t know how " span" along with " div" work. Should I discover this And why

TWO. I like the way that I can make tables adjust in order to any size screen along with the user can adapt the font sizes instantly with all the view–> text dimensions in his visitor, the way which i am used that will coding it. I will be leery of " most critical positioning" and " mapping. " I do not really see how this really is sure to adjust to different types and size connected with browser and display screen. And I uncover many websites (including this one) never adjust well to by myself " average size" 15" monitor.

3. Does anybody however prefer " tables" though they know CSS extensively Your opinions, remember to. Thank you.


Divs may be used much more powerfully many people feel, and it creates much fast websites.

< div=" main" > < /div>

is a lot smaller than

< family table cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" border=" 0" width=" 100%" >
< tr>
< td> < /td>
< /tr>
< /table>

It tends to make neater code, but it makes for html pages that solely contain content, possibly not presentation.

I am just not too convinced if this abide by statement is entirely true, but it’s likely also faster when external stylesheets is often cached, so the power of that is when data (html) will be changed, and presentation is not really, it won’t ought to reload the display (CSS).

Unlike in the west absolute positioning, I do not think i’ve ever made use of it. Except long ago when I utilized divs not knowing what we were holding.

Dining tables are great to get presenting data, nevertheless that’s about most.

I employ divs on a few sites and platforms on other.

My rule is always that if it usually is done with divs next do so, otherwise use tables.

It usually is my lack associated with knowledge or not really, but I don’t think you are able to do everything with divs. Some models are just as well complicated. However when possible I utilize them.

I’m sure the more complex designs require div floor plans. That’s from our experience. I can’t for that life of me produce layout render appropriately in tables any more.

Tables are certainly not and never might be obsolete. As was said already, there’re for tabular information. I would rather not use a slew of floating divs for making the same effect since it takes so a lot less work using a great table.

Regards folks. I am doing properly with tables. But I guess I’d better learn concerning divs and at least try it out!

The problem with tables is that in great britain we now have a law about obtainable websites. Basically the actual can get prosecuted whenever their site is just not accessible. It’s easier in making an accessible internet site in divs plus leave tables to be able to tabular data/stats.

MY PARTNER AND I use both stand and table less layouts. I give the client two options (Div web-sites usually taking longer to create) together with two prices after which let them take the danger. There are some designs i just can’t can in DIVS so that they either have to change their concept or accept dining tables.

Well, divs widely-used in direct line with CSS. Divs in plus of themselves cannot make a layout, they make a structure. Since is just what exactly HTML and XHTML are intended for, this is a good Thing ™. CSS, however, is designed to get laying stuff released, and it’s top notch at that.

Accordingly, I’ve found that there are anybody searching for that are extremely difficult* related to divs that you can do with tables. Considerations are few and far between, and are generally not used to a lot.

* By extremely difficult Get real either it takes lots of time or it usually takes an ugly hack.

I need to make a wheelchair ramp jump outside the screen or MY SPOUSE AND I get chucked inside nick

Absolutely , strongly that most websites should reply to the view–> text size associated with browsers–and many you should not including many WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER and Yahoo along with major sites–and it is criminally insensitive even to people with normal perspective. But I can perform this fine with tables. And rather than that, I are not able to imagine what an individual mean by " attainable. "

In the event that anything, I would reckon that a website that utterly depends on the browsers looking at of advanced CSS may be inaccessible…


it’s not about tables or divs, it’s in relation to semantic markup. Tables are inappropriate for web array because they were made to contain tabular data. It is perfectly fine make use of them for such things as cross-sectional diagrams and stuff like that.

To set-up semantic code, the meaning associated with various tags need to be retained, < p> should have a paragraph, < h> should have a header, etc. In reality, you should use the div tag as little as possible, as it is semantically meaningless (as is definitely span).

Although I agree with everything that’s happen to be said here, I’m sure the W3C not so great a golden opportunity after they introduced DIVs that will replace tables. The best way I see the item, they created a very powerful alternative, without a doubt, but what they are able to have done is introduce CSS to permit for grid-like design.

Several prorgamming languages have that form of layout for GUIs, and it’s also quite useful. Further, to use " the consumer is always right" cliche, when webmasters adapted tables to set-up grid-like layout, that meant this functionality was YOU. useful to these, 2. easy to be familiar with. I would say working out the CSS to produce DIVs behave predictably is harder as compared to using tables (although, it truly is still doable obviously).

As a hypothetical example, imagine that the page is divided suitable 10 x 10 grid of similar size boxes. This particular size of this boxes doesn’t matter: it will vary considering the browser’s window measurement. However, for your webmaster, a DIV can placed to hide any number involving boxes – o

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