I just got Dreamweaver!

My own mom brought me dreamweaver being an early birthday present she laughed and said today and MY SPOUSE AND I took one take a look at this thing in addition to my jaw fell! Its so not the same as Frontpage! A massive amount more um…. difficult to use than FP! Anyone got any getting grants using this computer software

its tough one than fp but is not necessarily harder to use. i, for one thing hate fp. really im skeptical related to all wysiwyg packages but dreamweaver includes rather impressed me personally. i suggest that u use the code view regarding dreamweaver. its car indenting and coloration coding is very good. some extensions may also be downloaded for free at http: //www. macromedia. com. u should proceed through the dreamweaver support. they should have a fair bit regarding tips there. by tinkering around using the software should actually show u tips on how to use it i’m sure. i found the user interface clear to see.

You’ll uncover some tutorials under the ‘Help’ menu.

On the other hand, if you need to learn its full prospective, you should purchase a book or for you to. There are loads of titles available for the subject.

A pair of examples:
http: //www. lynda. com/info/books/dreamweavermx2004/
(very uncomplicated to read, lots of examples)

http: //www. samspublishing. com/bookstore/product. aspisbn=0672326310& rl=1
(More advanced, covers all tasks of DW)

In addition , it has built in tutorials i think.

Go to Macromedia’s website and use the tutorials! They are usually excellent!

Furthermore, I recommend accomplishing more coding than design-view since it is much less difficult to manipulate your page and allow it to be do exactly what you want it to do instead of what DW wants it to complete.

I familiar with use FP, but once I built the switch, know I might never go back again!

Wish this helps,


I went on www. learnthat. com and yes it has a article guide for Dreamweaver MX 2008, and I just learn just a couple of things and I adore dreamweaver already, its alot much better than FP, FP doesnt even come near to this thing!

I swore by Dreamweaver once i was on glass windows… I do certainly not know why any individual buys Frontpage, to be honest.


lol. it contains microsoft office.. cant u tell! fp is certainly not worth this i say.

I had been given Frontpage by means of my uncle b/c he had burnt copies of it as well as I asked merely could have hence, he gave you to definitely me and WE installed it and also just started generating websites for enjoyment and crap! know what i mean

yea just about. i learnt html aided by frontpage. whenever i necessary to achieve effects we didnt realize how to do, i returned to frontpage. on the other hand, wysiwyg editors are not at all the answer for you to designing good website pages. they restrict the talents of raw coding and complicate matters.

but cant you recently go back in addition to change the coding on WYSIWYG editors so that you can get what you wish and wont minimize the ablilities people that know HTML could just edit the coding in those kind of programs, right

Yes, but once people become proficient in HTML you do not need the WYSIWYG ever again.

Issue is: you need for you to ignore what which WYSIWYG tells you you may get… because it isn’t really accurate in most cases… in some other words, it’s as being a browser in itself but it really doesn’t actually say much at almost all… once you know how to handle it and what in avoiding you find on your own saying " well Dreamweaver is saying this would work, but I realize it won’t"… where point the WYSIWYG will begin becoming a hinderance rather than a help.

Hopefully that adds up.


seanmiller is definitely right. but in a way the more u switch involving the code view as well as design view of the wysiwyg editor, the more confused you will definately get, because the code you have written shall be confused with the code the editor gives in. not just that, fp provides the incessant behavior of modifying value. eversince that, we never used wysiwyg now days. i havent screened out dreamweaver’s nevertheless.

Dreamweaver is *much* much better than FP in that respect as it doesn’t modify code just as as Frontpage, but it really still will say lies.

The very best " design view" is literally to have a few browser windows wide open (ie. IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari) and to visit to each and push " Refresh" the moment you’ve made ones changes… then, and only then, don’t you see what the website looks like in your visitors….

… if you’re going to try and do that, what help is Dreamweaver definitely being Your " signal view" might at the same time be a word editor – at the same time preferably one by using code highlighting etc. rather than Shadowfiend’s much-loved, Notepad, lol!; -)


lol no. notepad doesnt hold the auto-indenting feature of which dreamweaver has, and definitely will not auto upload my files on the ftp server on-save. hence i conclude in which dreamweaver is superior!

p. utes. i used to use notepad =P

You will observe I edited the post


ps. I’m a geek, and so I use vi, lol; -)

yes i noticed hehehh. wats vi

so dreamweaver can be superior huh what exactly programs are good at the same time that are WYSIWYG and that arent WYSIWYG

vi could be the main Unix manager… on Linux folks are inclined to use vim, which can be an enhanced model with syntax featuring etc…

http: //www. vim. org/about. php

Still takes a time to get accustomed to tho


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