Best way to create a ‘search for’ page in DWMX

Howdy everyone,
We have jumped straight together with this one. My intention is usually to create a page that permits users to find a specific record (word) from your SQL Database. Now the problems is that what the customer is searching for are not in just one column from the table, but five. Reason being is the fact that person who build the DB originally designed it to get ten areas of projects for that user to full, so the areas are Project JUST ONE, project 2, for example.. etc, so in search of a specific project seriously isn’t as simple as looking available as one column/field. I have created ten views inside SQL and hard-coded they’re certified criteria for screening purposes, and then created a union view to collect and display the outcomes of those twenty views, this works excellent but now We have got to build a page in DWMX as it. I have an application with a listing box that displays all of the projects a user may find, once he realizes the project they will click a button as well as a list will appear displaying all the members of staff taking care of that project.

What i’d plan to know is are I going about this correctly and does any individual have any advice on how to use the views Relating to created to be able to lookup the value from the list down box to find all 10 views to find and display the images


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